I’m very excited to have joined Project Life 365 this year! I’ve seen these photo a day projects floating around the internet and was very intrigued by the concept. So as 2012 came to an end I made a decision to commit to taking a photo every day and post it on various social media websites.

Now, step one in this process was upgrading from my very old but trusty phone to a smartphone to make this whole thing much easier. I’ve been ridiculously overdue for this anyway, and planned on buying one this year, but funny enough, this project was the final push to do so! So on January first I went down to Best Buy and made a new friend 🙂

There are a few things I wanted to gain from this project. Just sticking with this every day is a challenge in itself, so that’s the first thing to consider. Second, I’m adding another level of challenge to only take photos with my iPhone, (unless something else just works too perfectly for that day). With no fancy lenses, zooming capabilities and manual settings, I feel it will push me even more to be creative. And the whole idea behind this is to help me find inspiration and keep creativity flowing. That has been a challenge with me lately, being bogged down with so much work at both of my jobs that just needs to get done, the fun creative part sometimes flies out the window. Hopefully this will keep me refreshed!

And I am already loving this! I go to sleep at night thinking of the inspiration word of that day and what I may find to go along with it. Also, being able to see other people’s takes on the word makes me strive to think outside of the box a bit more. I’ve already seen so many of the same ideas, it’s almost become a treasure hunt to search and find something special.

So here are my week 1 photos all together. The inspiration words were – Day 1: #resolution, Day 2: #you_today, Day 3: #optimistic, Day 4: #graceful, Day 5: #view, Day 6: #still_life, and Day 7: #simplicity.

If you would like to follow along, I’m posting these in various places – facebook, twitter, instagram, and 365Project. And here of course each week!

I also encourage you to try this, it’s not too late to start! You may be surprised what you will find. 🙂