Branding + Headshot Minis – Questionnaire

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Personal Info:

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Brief description of your business/service/job.
Which type of photos would you like?
Describe the overall vibe you are going for with this session. Ex: Cool and Casual, Professional and Buttoned-up, Earthy and Relaxed, etc. Use 3-4 words to describe your band. And list your brand colors, if any.
When someone sees these photos of you, what would you like them to think?
What makes you unique and where do you find inspiration?
What kind of "stories" do you want these images to tell or portray to your audience? Ex: Speaker, Mentor, Professional, Mother, Dancer, Artist, Lawyer, Chef, etc.
Do you have any big golas over the next 6 months? How do you hope to use these photos to assist?
Do you use video for social media? If so, list any shots you'd like for reels. If not, let's just have fun with it! Or, you can opt out of video clips.
What type of feel do you want your photographs to have? Check all that apply:
List any special tasks you do for work or items you use that you'd like to be be photographed. (Ex: you use a huge wall planner, or send every client a specific gift that you personally wrap)
What kind of props would you like to incorporate in your shoot, if any?
Which backgrounds/locations do you think you'd like to use?
Please share any additional ideas or thoughts you have around your photo shoot (specific details that are important to you, shots you have in mind, etc.)
What made you want to sign up for this mini session?