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Sometimes you need a full Branding Photography Session.
Sometimes you just need a quick, new headshot that you will love.
You need it done now, and done right.
If you fall into the second category, this is for you!

Once a month, join “Tina Take My Photo” for “Quick Headshot Days” at ContrastRVA Studio in Manchester!

You likely already know how much of an impact professional and personality driven headshots can make on your digital first impression.
Plus, it establishes credibility and trust.
(Something AI photos will never do, but that’s a discussion for another time.)
And you don’t want anyone judging you by an awful photo… yikes.

If you are overdue (if it’s been more than 3 years, you definitely are…), you’ve gotten a promotion, you changed jobs, you’re looking for a new job, don’t like your current headshot, are using the dreaded DIY selfie for a headshot (if you are, please let me help you and sign up NOW), you want to make your LinkedIn page look better, or it’s been on your to-do list for a long time, and you don’t know where to start… that’s where I come in to save the day!

Headshot Day Details:

Held on the third Thursday of every month.

“Quick Headshot” is 15 minutes, in studio with choice of white or black backdrop and use of studio furniture.

2 Professionally edited headshots are included.
(additionals available to purchase.)

$350 (+tax)

How it works:

Use the booking button to choose your timeslot and make your payment.

I’ll send you my headshot guide with posing and wardrobe tips.

If you want to have a quick phone call to talk details, let’s do it!

Come by the studio 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
I’ll have you in and out in 15 minutes!

You’ll then receive a proofing gallery where you choose the headshots you’d like edited.

I’ll deliver a download link and you can distribute as needed for an instant content upgrade.

Ok, this sounds great, but how do I know Tina is the right person for the job?

Good question! Because I absolutely want to help you and make this easy for you.
And here’s why I’m able to do that:

– I spent 14 years in local television, creating marketing content for news stations. This included headshots for TV news anchors. And no one is pickier than them, so I learned all of the good angles and lighting tricks. (You know I love you guys, and you know it’s true!)
– Alongside that, I photographed weddings, family and senior portraits, and have worked with a very wide range of ages, faces and personalities.
– In 2020, I left the tv world, and went full-time with “Tina Take My Photo”, to focus on Personal and Commercial Branding and Headshots, taking my marketing and tv knowledge to help people stand out online, differentiate themselves from others in their industry, by telling their story and helping them create content that is on-brand, purposeful and helps boost their marketing.
– Now, the “Quick Headshot” doesn’t do all of that, but is is the first step.
– People call me “the fixer”, because I’m often who they turn to when they desperately need someone to fix a bad headshot, or provide them a great one when they’ve been asked to send one in for an announcement. You wouldn’t believe the amount of phone calls that start with, “Can you please help me..?”
– So yes, I want to help you, I can help you. Working in the creative world for so long, I’m able to quickly and effortlessly photograph you, and pose you so that you will save time and walk away with a headshot that you truly love and will be proud to post.

So, Richmond business professional, join me, once a month for “Quick Headshot Days”! It’s fun, easy and you’ll feel so much better getting it done!

Random Fun Fact: Showing your hands subconsciously builds trust and respect in the viewer.

If you have any specific questions, please send me a message here, or sign up for a free phone consultation.

Looking for info on Personal Branding Sessions? CLICK HERE!

If you need your entire team or staff photographed, business branding photos for your website or personal branding session to boost your business, please fill out this form and we’ll chat about those options!

tina thomas personal branding photographer richmond about me

Tina Thomas is an award-winning photographer & filmmaker in Richmond, Virginia. With over a decade of broadcast television marketing and photographing countless people and businesses, my experience allows me to take a laid-back approach where I can quickly guide, observe and create genuine content unique to you.

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