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I’m thrilled to be adding “Personal Branding Photography” to my services!
This is for local business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers in RVA who really want to add that extra “oomph” into their marketing.

It’s way beyond just headshots. Current and potential customers want to know the face behind the brand now more than ever. This gives you the opportunity to truly tell your story and better connect with your audience.

My love for working and collaborating with other business owners over the years and the ability to provide a way to help grown their business is a passion of mine that I’m excited to continue growing.


Personal Branding Photography provides imagery for entrepreneurs to up-level their brand, tell their story and connect with their audience to grow their business. These photos will showcase your unique personality and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing platforms! It’s all about capturing your brand story. You will end up with a diverse library of images to pull from whenever you need.


* It allows you to tell your story.
* Creates a deeper connection with clients.
* Sets yourself and your business apart.
* Up-levels your brand.
* Presents a more professional business page.
* Saves you time!

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Social Media:
Facebook & Instagram: profile picture, posts, ads, stories, highlights, cover photo.
Pinterest: eye-catching vertical pins leading to your website.
YoueTube: profile picture, cover photo, video thumbnails.
Twitter, LinkedIn and any other sharing site you use!

Homepage, Blog posts, About page, Services/Products Sales pages, Investment page, Contact page, Banners Popups (email signup!) Online Shop. Basically on every page that you see fit!

Promotional Materials:
I’ve designed many promotional materials in my day. The image used in the background or as a feature is always a challenge. This will give you a library of images to choose from. Anything from Welcome Guides, Pricing Guides, Flyers, Business Cards, Thank you cards to Print ads.

Email Marketing:
The perfect photo of yourself, your products or work space to place into every email that you send. Especially great if you have a template you send to email subscribers.

small business owner rva personal branding photographer headshot portrait


Headshot: A quality photo of you smiling at the camera. For variety, we’ll take some of just your face, half body and full body.

Lifestyle: Show off that personality! Laughing and smiling, sitting on a couch, standing, walking, leaning, sipping coffee, reading, etc. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Workspace: Your audience wants to see WHERE the action happens. Your desk, your bed, your couch, a full office space… anything goes!

Creative Process: HOW do you get your work done? This can be a photo of you on your computer, writing ideas on a whiteboard, organizing materials, etc.

Tools of Your Trade: What are your go-to supplies? Camera, art supplies, a planner, writing/drawing utensils, makeup brushes, weights, potting wheel, etc.

Props: Show off some fun props! Welcome guides, gift boxes, mugs, pillows, shirts with relatable phrases. Anything to celebrate your personality and add an extra pop of brand colors.

Products: Show em’ what you sell! Albums, prints, florals, artwork. If you offer a service, get photos of happy clients.

Uniqueness: What makes you different and interesting? Do you love to roller skate? Collect hats? Have a hidden talent?

Seasonal: Refresh photos at the start of the season to help fill in the blanks. Many of us do or sell things that can change with the seasons. Even if it’s just your outfits. Think about how much this helps with keeping your social media content fresh.

Inspiration: Photos of what inspires you (a location, resource, books, magazines, a person, etc.)


Pre-consultation. 2-3 hour session. Up to 3 locations. 3-4 outfit changes. Online Gallery. Commercial use.

1 Session: $845 (+tax)

2 Sessions: $1540 (+tax) save $150

4 Sessions: $2930 (+tax) save $450

One Quick Headshot” Session: $249 (+tax)
15 minutes, one location, one outfit, 3 images

As I continue building my Personal Branding portfolio, I’m looking for a few local business owners to work with at a significant discount to try out my service.
You will get everything listed above in your session.
1 Session: $585 (+tax)


Interview style at your personal branding shoot: $699 (+tax)

30 second Behind the Scenes of you on location doing your job, cut to music. Great for website background: $1299 (+tax)

60 second artfully shot video of your behind the scenes or process mixed in with your interview or voice over talking about your business: $2299 (+tax)

Special For makers: Creative Cut “showstopper” video of your process cut to cool music: $1999 (+tax)

Addition of graphics (text, full screen graphics, etc): $299 (+tax)

Interested in booking? Have questions? Just want to say hello, send me an email! I’d love to talk with and get to know you better.

Want to talk it out? Schedule a phone consultation here!