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While it is easier than ever to take your own photos, you deserve beautiful, purposeful, thoughtful and artistically composed photographs that you can use to grow your brand presence. And for families, that you will be proud to display in your home. 

Over the years, I’ve worked with many local businesses and organizations, people of all backgrounds and personalities. Often creating something out of “nothing” and collaborating to make it amazing. Helping them find that thing, that special sauce, that spark they have that makes them stand out from the rest. I love what I do and strive to help businesses grow, individuals feel confident in who they are and families come together. My years of experience and knowledge allow me to have a laid-back and simple approach that will make you feel at ease, comfortable and best of all, look legit. And have fun while doing it!

You have endless items on your to-do list, I know I do. Your online presence is more important now than ever. Photos are a huge part of making that first impression. Investing in a branding shoot or headshots will immediately make you look more professional, put together, consistent and trustworthy. Let me help you check this task off the list! If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or influencer ready to elevate your business through photography, work with me to create an awesome library of strategically planned images based on your brand story that you can pull from anytime you need. MORE INFO.

When is the last time you got updated family portraits? Or moms, when is the last time you were IN family photos? Not iPhone photos, but real ones. Good ones. Professional ones that you want to frame and hang on your walls.
My style is mostly “Lifestyle/Documentary” in that it is candid, but with some direction and gentle posing. I strive to capture natural connections, focusing on finding raw emotion and moments that happen when I set up a scene and let you play, laugh, smile, interact. Let’s photograph what your family is all about, who you really are and the love that you share. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you end up with much better images (especially for the little ones!) MORE INFO.

I left my 14 year award-winning (I have a few Emmys I don’t like to brag on) Broadcast TV Marketing career in early 2020 to go all in on my business. We know what 2020 threw at us, so it’s been a wild ride to say the least! I learned and grew so much working in the creative department for a news station. And you should know how hard all of those people work every day for you. If you ever see a reporter out on the street – be nice, hand them a donut, they’ve probably been standing there for hours, tired and hungry. Not getting paid enough. It’s not the glamorous job people think. In television, they put in the work. And truly do care about real stories and real people. But enough of my PSA… 🙂

I’m a photographer, filmmaker, designer and artist. With a deep love for my family cementing the path for what I do, mom to the best little boy, wannabee world traveler living in Chesterfield, Virginia. I have a passion for sunshine, fresh air and simple laughter. I find beauty and clarity in the small, everyday moments.

I serve the Virginia, DC and MD area but would be thrilled to talk with you about booking me out of state.

I am LGBTQ+ and BLM friendly because everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect.

If you are interested in any of my services (Family, Maternity, Senior Portrait Session or Personal Branding Photography and Headshots), please Send me an Email!

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More Fun Facts About Me:

  • The beautiful state of Virginia is my home. I have a BFA from VCU School of the Arts in Film and Animation. When it was time for college, I debated Engineering/Computer Science or Art. Tough choice! After being told by school counselors that it would be a mistake to go to Art School, I guess you can say I showed them!
  • For 14 years I utilized that degree working for NBC12 and CW Richmond as Senior Marketing Producer, Graphic Designer, Artist and Photographer for the #1 news station in Central Virginia. I produced award-winning marketing campaigns, commercials, print ads and photography. I met some of the most amazing people there.
  • I’ve had quite a few Regional Emmy Award Nominations over the years. I’ve taken home 3 for NBC12, which you can Watch here, here and here! I’ve also won 3 National Promax Awards and various smaller awards. I had a good run with an amazing team.
  • I am proud to be half Puerto Rican on my Father’s side. I am a Rodriguez at heart. Having a large, Hispanic extended family is a huge blessing. I’m also German and Dutch! I believe it’s important to learn about and experience a variety of cultures.
  • Growing up in Williamsburg, I enjoyed spending time with family, drawing, reading, riding bikes or exploring the woods behind our house. Outdoor time with my sister was my favorite.
  • I love working on short films! We’ve taken a break, but I and a group of very talented people participated in the 48 Hour Film Project for a few years. In 2011 we won Best Film for Summer League and screened at the Cannes Film Festival! Traveling to France with was one of the most amazing experiences. Fun Bonus – we saw Brad Pitt doing a premiere and chatted with Adrien Brody at a hotel bar. Want a good laugh? Watch Summer League here!
  • I had my son in 2017. He is an absolute joy and has changed my perspective on so many things in life. One of them – which I already believed, but he has emphasized- is the importance of capturing moments of family love and laughter. They go by stupid fast, and having those photographs mean the world to me.
  • If I had an unlimited budget, (aside from photography and video equipment of course) I’d spend it on a huge screened in sun room filled with tons of greenery, mid-century modern furniture and comfy colorful pillows. Knock some travel off of my bucket list. And find some smart way to use that money to help others. I’m someone who often stays awake at night worrying about the world and wishing I could help <3


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