Local Business Feature | Hill + River Collection

Personal Branding and Product Photography: Look inside this branding session of a local husband and wife candle making team! I want to introduce you to Kena and Reggie, also known as Hill + River Collection! A husband and wife small business team who create hand poured, small batch candles that have been meticulously created to celebrate the scent[...]

Local Business Feature | Counsel Connect

Branding Photo Refresh Session: Helping Virginia Therapists update their website with custom Branding Photography! I want to introduce you to Britni, Executive Director of Counsel Connect. She came to me not exactly sure what she needed, but knowing she wanted a Branding Session to update her business's website, and support their brand refresh wit[...]

Threads App: How to do what's best for your brand.

Do what's right for your brand. Don't bother worrying with the rest. In walks Threads app... Every time a new social media app, technology or marketing tool comes out, there is immense pressure around potentially having to learn it, use it, know it, etc. right off the bat. You do not have to do what you don't want to do. Maybe read that again? [...]

Best types of Photos for your Web + Bio Pages

Tips from a Professional Photographer: The best types of images for your web and bio page photo! Choosing the perfect bio page photo or social media profile pic is a pretty important decision. It's the first thing people see when they click on your page. And you know how powerful a first impression is! But how do you choose? As an experienced hea[...]

RVA Gift Guide 2022

Shop Local This Holiday Season! I Love RVA & Supporting Small Business!For the past few years, I have created a shop local list, and it's always a huge hit.I'm at it again with a brand new RVA Gift Guide for 2022! RVA is filled with amazing small businesses perfect for gifting! I'd love to support all of them, but for now here is a list of just a [...]

What do I do with my hands??

Tips from a Professional Photographer to avoid awkward hands. IS THIS YOU? I promise, It's MOST people as soon as they step in front of my camera! Don't worry - I won't let you be like Ricky Bobby. Of course, it's never truly this bad, although in your head it may feel like it is because this is a big concern for most people.You step in[...]

5 Signs it's time for new Headshots!

Is it time for a photo refresh?? You probably already know the answer - but here's a quick checklist with reasons why now may be the perfect time for new headshots!Having an online presence, even if very small, is unavoidable in our modern world. Potential clients, customers, hiring managers or co-workers will look you up online, and when they do, you wa[...]

Let's Spring Forward!

Also... That time I was "scolded" by a weather man... TODAY IS DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME! Today is a day that every photographer looks forward to each year. They day that we get to "Spring Forward!" Yes, we may lose an hour of sleep and it's a bit darker in the mornings, but that doesn't last long as the days get longer! The best part - we can go outside a[...]

Local Feature: Celebrating RVA Black-Owned Businesses

Thanks for reading about each one of these amazing entrepreneurs! I hope you check them out and send new business their way.I also want to give a special shoutout to these entrepreneurs that you see in my header image:@blackmenreadnow @vablacklifemag @getsocialrvaWant to learn more about Personal Branding Sessions? CLICK HERE! Comments, quest[...]

2021 Thank You

Thank you for helping make my 2021 dreams come true.To each and every one of you. For all of your support.THANK YOU. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your support in 2021.So I created this video for you - https://vimeo.com/661483935 I know it wasn't the easiest year in many ways.But there was also lots of joy and happiness peppe[...]

Favorite Holiday Activities + Traditions!

This season is full of holiday activities and traditions! And I really do love traditions. Now that we are parents of a child who is old enough to really start remembering and participating in the holidays, it’s even more important that we create amazing holiday memories together. There are certain things I try and do with my family and friends every year t[...]

Choosing Holiday Photo Outfits: Dos and Don'ts

Family Photo Session Tips from a Professional Photographer! We all feel an urge to take great photos around the holidays. The pressure for the perfect greeting card photo is real... And one of the biggest stressors is figuring out what the heck everyone is going to wear! For some people, this comes effortlessly. But if you are like me, and you go trough [...]

RVA Gift Guide 2021

Shop Local This Holiday Season! I Love RVA & Supporting Small Business!RVA is filled with amazing small businesses perfect for gifting! I'd love to support all of them, but for now here is a list of just a few of these great Virginia finds. Chosen by me for no reason other than I love what they have to offer! Many of these small businesses create bea[...]

4 Tips to DIY Holiday Photos!

You can be a Holiday Photo Hero! I get it - the Holidays arrive quickly and we never feel fully prepared. If you need great Holiday photos for cards, or desire to document your family's time together, because many of us skipped it entirely last year. And this year, the importance of togetherness, family and capturing those moments feels more important[...]

7 Year Anniversary [Bon Air, Virginia Family Photographer]

For our 7 year wedding anniversary, we continue our tradition of taking a new photo where we got married. (Scroll to see past years!) Last year, we were lucky to have been able to stop by during the pandemic, and we never would have thought that this would be the SECOND year we also dropped by during the pandemic... But the wonderful staff at the Sabot S[...]

Sunflower Sign-Ups!

They're Here! Limited Edition Sunflower Session Timeslots Now Available! Bring yourself, your family, your kids, your friends and walk with me among the flowers. You'll get great new photos, a handful of fresh sunflowers to bring home and of course, some happy memories. HOW TO BOOK: - Click Below to choose day and timeslot.- Once you choose yo[...]

7 Memorable Father's Day (or any day!) Photo Tips

It’s time to celebrate the dads! The ones who love hard, play hard and become overnight super heroes. Whatever your plans are this weekend, think about taking a moment to snap a few great photos of him with the kids, or even a few family photos. Just grab that tripod, or like I do, lean your phone against something that is eye level. Just make sure it's stu[...]

4 Personal Brand Photos You Can DIY At Home

Great photos are the heart and soul of your personal brand. But if you are still stuck at home or not feeling ready to book a full Personal Brand Photo Session, you can get a little creative on your own and take some new photos for social media. Here are 4 types of personal brand photos you can DIYI right from home. All you need is a camera, or a smart phon[...]

Mother's Day Special Offer!

It 's not easy to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. One that you know she will actually love, cherish and possibly even bring her to tears! The truth is, a Mother wants nothing more than to spend quality time with, and better yet, have great photos with her children and family.I’m gifting you this FREE, gorgeous, personally engraved walnut photo box fille[...]

Simple & Cute Easter DIY Photo Ideas!

Hip, Hop, Hooray... It's EASTER DAY! Looking for some cute & fun DIY Easter Photo Ideas? Then you're in the right place! Or if you just want to look at these adorable photos of my baby when he was actually just a baby - 3 years ago!!I dug up these old photos to share 2 simple Easter Photo DIYs you can set up with your kids. All you need is a came[...]

Officially Quarantined for 1 Full Year

Well, here we are. It's been exactly one full year since quarantine started and our first stay at home orders were put into place.I took the following photos about 2 months into the pandemic but never shared them because I wasn't sure exactly when or how to use them. Now seems like a good time. When I went out that day to photograph the eerie empty parking [...]

Paper Heart Kisses | Valentine's Day DIY

This is my second post in a series of Valentine's Day DIY photo ideas.(See the first post here! - Raining Hearts Umbrella DIY)I really do love this one, it's simple and sweet. Just photograph your child or yourself "blowing" paper heart kisses! This would be a great card to send out to friends and family. Or you can get extra fancy like I did and bring it t[...]

"Raining Hearts" Umbrella | Valentine's Day DIY

Now that I have a little one at home, I find myself constantly trying to come up with creative ways to keep him entertained, get moving and learn random skillsets. Holidays have become the perfect time to experiment with fun, new ideas! Here's how I created this cute, fun Raining Hearts Umbrella for Valentine's Day!This is the first of two Valentine's Day P[...]

Business Headshots: 4 Tips to Prep for Your Shoot!

Professional Business Headshots or Portraits are something we all truly need in today's online world. They help you stand out, stay consistent and look professional and put together. When you are planning to get new photos taken to use for your business, you want to go into it as prepared as possible with a clear vision of the types of images you want that [...]

Lessons Learned from 2020

Simplicity. Patience. Strength. Resilience. Adaptability. Sorrow. Uncertainty. Some of the words I think of when I reflect on all that has happened over this year. We've all been through and seen so much in 2020 that we've never experienced. Through the struggles, we see glimmers of hope and move forward with lessons learned. I want to take a minute to t[...]

My Favorite Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Who doesn't love gingerbread cookies?? Well, my husband isn't the biggest fan, but that just means more for the rest of us! I love baking. And it's even more fun when you can involve the entire family. Especially around the Holidays. Years ago, I found this wonderful gingerbread cookie recipe that has been my go-to for Christmas Cookies. I will bake a fe[...]

Snow Day iPhone Backgrounds

HAPPY SNOW DAY RVA! It is the first day of snow this season in Virginia. And it's a good one in that, it was falling slow and pretty, it didn't stick to the roads and it's pretty much already gone. Just enough to enjoy it for a few hours! I'm excited because yes, I do love snow.BUT I've been forced to not like snow for the past 14 years because I neve[...]

RVA Gift Guide 2020

Shop Local This Season! Just Because I Love RVA & Supporting Small Business!RVA is filled with amazing small businesses perfect for gifting! I'd love to support all of them, but for now here is a list of just a few of these great Virginia finds. Chosen by me for no reason other than I love what they have to offer! Many of these small businesses creat[...]

Black Friday Special!

I've come up with a new type of Black Friday Special this year (because 2020 needs it!) I am excited to extend a very special offer on Hybrid PHOTO & FILM Sunset Sessions!Haven’t heard about family films yet? Not sure if you need one? (You DO!) Click here to learn more and see a sample film. FAMILY PHOTO & FILM SUNSET SESSION: $1100 $750 ($[...]

Product Spotlight | Heirloom Photo Albums

A beautiful photo album never goes out of style.  I would love to send every client home with a timeless and tangible set of memories that will one day become a family heirloom.  We tend to store most of our photos on a computer, on drives or in clouds. I used to save them onto DVDs and now my computer has no disc drive! Who knows[...]

Spider-Man Halloween Family Costume DIY!

Tina is a Professional Personal Branding and Headshot Photographer in Chesterfield, VA.Who also loves being a boy mom and DIYing fun projects with her family, like this one below! Oh 2020, you've changed every holiday for us so far this year... BUT, this Halloween actually turned out better than ever. We made the decision that trick-or-treating was proba[...]

DIY Ace Ventura Halloween Costume

Tina is a Professional Personal Branding and Headshot Photographer in Chesterfield, VA.Who also loves being a boy mom and DIYing fun projects with her family, like this one below! AAALLLLLLLLRighty Then.....!Yeah, I'm pretty excited to share this silly DIY Halloween Costume with you all.But first of all, I must say, I have the most amazing kid in the wor[...]

Budget-Friendly Fall Activities!

It's that time of year where the leaves start to change, the humidity is finally gone, the air is crisp and we all want to break out the plaid, cozy sweaters, boots and hats, walk through a pumpkin patch and then snuggle under blankets. It's time for Fall Activities! We say "Happy Fall, Ya'll!" And we mean it!Like many of you, I believe it's one of the abso[...]

6 Year Anniversary [Bon Air, Virginia Family Photographer]

For our 6 year anniversary, I really wanted to continue our tradition of taking a new photo where we got married. (Scroll to see past year's!) But with the pandemic and 2020 just being so strange, we weren't sure we should even bother trying to do it. Our wedding venue is also a school... so I was hesitant to ask if we could show up this year... But I de[...]

"Back to School" Limited Edition Photos

*** SUNDAY DATES NOW AVAILABLE!! ***Well, we all know going back to school in 2020 looks different in many ways.I keep asking myself this question: "Are they even doing school picture day this year???"It’s safe to assume, probably not...While I can't help your child with virtual learning, what I CAN make way better for you is their school pictures.I'm offer[...]

Emmy Awards 2020

The Emmy Awards have quickly come and gone again. Each year, this is a huge, fun event where television production awards are presented in various sectors of the television industry. It's broken up by region and we compete with MD, VA and DC. If you didn't already know, I worked at NBC12 for 14 years before leaving in March. First starting in the overnig[...]

Goochland Maternity Session

One positive thing quarantine has done for me is give me time. The time to look back on my photo shoots, reminisce on some of my favorites and get better at blogging them! Like this favorite Goochland Maternity Session from a few years back. On another note - the "country" in Virginia is stunning, there are so many amazing spots to explore. When I was wo[...]

Scenes from Quarantine | Part 2: In The Yard

"Scenes from Quarantine" is what I am calling a few days of documentary photography that I took of my 2 year old son in April of 2020, one month after the stay at home order had been put into place. We were happy to be home together, but he was definitely missing social interaction and his daily routine. Our new routine was sleeping in, making breakfast tog[...]

Scenes from Quarantine | Part 1: In The House

"Scenes from Quarantine" is what I am calling a few days of documentary photography that I took of my 2 year old son in April of 2020, one month after the stay at home order had been put into place. We were happy to be home together, but he was definitely missing social interaction and his daily routine. Our new routine was sleeping in, making breakfast tog[...]

Personal Brand Refresh Checklist

So many of us find ourselves in a moment of pause right now. Things may be starting to open back up, which means now is the perfect time to for a personal brand refresh. Make sure that you assess your personal brand and invest time and energy into your business. Polish your personal brand and bring it to the next level.  Here’s a step-by-step checkl[...]

I'm Open! Here's What You Need To Know.

After much consideration, I'm happy to announce that I will officially re-OPEN on JUNE 15th! The health and safety of my clients is of utmost importance to me, which is why I chose not to do photo sessions over the past few months. And why I will be implementing safety practices moving forward. Luckily with photography, this is pretty easy to do and we w[...]

Personal Branding During Times of Crisis: Dos and Don'ts

PERSONAL BRANDING SESSIONS CORPORATE HEADSHOTS As you know, life looks a whole lot different right now than it did a few months ago. All at once, things we’d always taken for granted may have experienced a total shift – from spending time with loved ones, to dining at restaurants to working in a regular office. When it comes to personal brand[...]

King Family 5 Years Later! | RVA Photographer

Five years ago, I photographed this sweet family. Mom had just gotten a job out of state, and they wanted to commemorate their time in Richmond and celebrate their daughter's 1st birthday. They told me what they love about RVA is the mix or urban and nature, especially the murals. Richmond has an amazing collection of them! They are one of my absolute favori[...]

3 Reasons Your Personal Brand Matters NOW More Than Ever!

This one's for the small business owner, someone with an online store or anyone trying to build their social presence. I'm sure you already know that your personal brand matters. The way you show up online. Chances are, your day-to-day life has changed a lot lately. Many of us have gone from working in an office to working from home full-time. We’ve seen a [...]

5 Year Anniversary [Bon Air, Virginia Family Photographer]

For our 5 year anniversary, we're holding strong in continuing our tradition of taking a new photo where we got married. (Scroll to the bottom to see the original!) It's become so much more fun now that we get to bring Harrison along. It's a cool way to watch him and our family grow. This year it was humid as ever (thank goodness it wasn't lik[...]

Stephenson Family | Chesterfield Photographer

A Sunny Winter Family Photo Session. Off again for a Rockwood Park family photo shoot! Mallory is friend from way, way back! I was so happy to capture these images for her. We'd been talking about doing photos for so long, and I love that we were finally able to do it featuring this little love bug 🙂 This was a mini session, so we wanted to find an [...]

Foggy Pony Pasture Morning Photo Walk | RVA Photographer

I wish I could start every day with a Pony Pasture morning walk! Sometimes you get asked what makes you happiest. This has always been one of my answers. Walking in nature, alone, bonus when I have my camera. Nothing brings me more peace and clarity. It's like a reset of sorts. Taking some time to step away from screens, people and noise can do you so much [...]

Harrison & Santa | Best Buds 2018 | Midlothian Family Photographer

Santa Visit 2018 was a huge success! So far we’re 3 for 3 on great Santa visits! Harrison might officially be the best behaved baby to ever sit in Santa’s lap. Instant friends! 😍🎄💕 We went to the Great Big Greenhouse for the second year in a row. And I really think it is the BEST place to see Santa! It’s free, you take your own phot[...]

Mom and Baby Halloween Foxes!

Me and my little Halloween Fox! Harrison loves his Fox wubbanub and it's been his theme for pretty much everything this past year! I'm a big DIY costume type of person and for months I was putting pressure on myself to come up with the perfect costume, but there just was no time. It was a busy season for me so in a hurry I mustered up some cute Momma and ba[...]

Harrison's 12 Month (One Year) Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

My baby boy just turned ONE!! (insert all the happy and teary-eyed emojis here) I honestly feel like I was being a bit weird about taking the one year baby photos. We missed it by a week or so and I was in no rush to do it on time like I had been for all of the other months. I think it's because I just wasn't ready for this first year to be over yet. It f[...]

4 Year Anniversary [Bon Air, Virginia Family Photographer]

Last week was our 4 year wedding anniversary. And sticking with photo-related traditions as I love to do, we made our way back to our awesome wedding venue, Sabot at Stony Point, for our yearly photo. (Scroll down to see the original!) I love that we get to bring Harrison along now, it just makes it so much more special! Last year he was only 3 weeks old wh[...]

Harrison's 11 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

OMG - we're already at Harrison's 11 Month Baby Photos! He was a rowdy one while we shot his 11 month baby photos. Our little man only has less than a month left of officially being a "baby". I cannot believe it! This year has flown by like nothing else. The following images show a rambunctious little guy who was trying to crawl away from us and up on ev[...]

NBC12 Anchors As Iconic Jazz Albums | RVA Jazz Fest Promo

I don't often share my NBC12 work here, but we had so much fun with this one, I couldn't resist! Plus, it's a good showcase of a little photography and Photoshop magic 😉 NBC12 always does promotion for the Richmond Jazz Festival. It is a huge, amazing event that we sponsor every year. I was assigned to recreate two jazz album covers with our weather and tr[...]

Harrison's 10 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

Wow, it's already time for Harrison's 10 Month Baby Photos! I cannot believe there is only two more months until this little man turns one year old! This past month has been one of the most exciting yet. He has grown so much in such a short period of time. And we are just having so much fun together, he's the best little guy! Always such a silly goofball[...]

Baby's First 4th of July | Chesterfield Family Photographer

When it's your baby's first 4th of July, you have to take some sort of fun photos! I picked up some inexpensive props at Target (love those dollar bins!) and we had a quick little backyard family fun photo shoot. He wasn't really having the sunglasses. He didn't understand why we were putting something on his face. But he sure did like playing with them f[...]

Harrison's 9 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

So hard to believe I just shot his 9 month photos! He's now officially been out in the world longer than he spent cooking. Which means he's been with me for 18 months now. Wow. I keep wanting to write down his birth story, and I think I will share it with you all sometime soon, but it's not ready just yet 🙂 I will say that becoming a mother, especially to [...]

Fall Engagement at Libby Hill | Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed this easy, breezy Libby Hill fall engagement photo shoot in Richmond, Virginia. These two wanted simple, casual photos with their adorable, very well behaved pup! Such a pleasure to work with them. We met at one of my favorite coffee shops, Cafe Zata. A lovely little place in an unexpected location, with tons of great seating in an open[...]

Harrison's 8 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

And now for the 8 Month Photos! This guy has the biggest and best smile all of the time, but lately once we get him in front of the camera, he gets serious. Which is fine, he's still beautiful and perfect, but I did get THE best little window portrait of him this time!! This one was a test shot where Ben was helping make him laugh. Of course he stops the [...]

My 1st Mother's Day [Chesterfield Family Photographer]

My 1st Mother’s Day. Such a weird and wonderful thing to say. Only 8 months in and being this little boy's mommy is the absolute best thing in the world. You just don’t know until you know. The first few months of not knowing if and how we could ever do it were completely worth every second of fear and uncertainty. I am lucky to have such a wonderful mother[...]

Harrison's 7 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

Another month down. It's time for Harrison's 7 month photos! He's growing and changing so much these days. Having fun and sometimes even throwing tantrums. Scroll down to see the silly grumpy face he gave me during this shoot! Learning new things all of the time. It's so much fun to watch. Some things he's been up to this month: He's taken an interest [...]

Easter Baby Mini Session | Chesterfield Family Photographer

I wasn't planning to do an Easter baby mini session, but once I found a fluffy bunny tail I decided it was definitely going to happen! I found a sunny grassy area and set up a clean backdrop in our bedroom for this adorable little photo shoot. A white comforter and window lighting do wonders! I cannot get over how cute he is with those bunny ears!!! [...]

The Importance of Grandparent Photos [Chesterfield Family Photographer]

Think about it, how many good grandparent photos do you have? With you and them when you were tiny? This makes me want to go to my parents house and scour their old photo albums to find more of these! These two photos below are the only scanned versions that I could find quickly, thanks to facebook! On the left is me, my sister and our maternal grandpa[...]

Harrison's 6 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

I cannot believe I just shot Harrison's 6 month photos!! Time is getting away from us fast and we're trying to soak up every minute with this amazing little guy. He's already grown and changed so much in these months! He has teeth! Out of nowhere one night he had trouble sleeping and then there it was! Bottom left tooth poking out with no warning. And a[...]

Valentine's Day Baby Kisses | Richmond, VA Family Photographer

The only real purpose of this post is to share cute Valentine’s Day baby kisses on this adorable face that I love so much! So, my husband and I aren’t big into valentine’s day, it’s kind of a silly holiday. But I wanted to at least have a little fun with Harrison. He’s so sweet and kissable this photo shoot was a quick and obvious one! And I'm definit[...]

Harrison's 5 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

And we're on to Harrison's 5 month photos! This month went by faster than any other so far. He's been growing and learning like a champ! Little guy has been a bit under the weather lately with a cough that won't go away and stuffy yucks. So we got very lucky to get these photos out of him this weekend, in between a fever and a doctor visit, he was in [...]

Harrison's 4 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

Here are some of Harrison's 4 month photos! Continuing to document my little guy's growth progress. He was in a more stoic mood this month than last month's big smiles, but still adorable as ever. I feel like I JUST shot his 3 month photos. It really is true what they say, "The days are long but the years are short." Well, so are the months! He's growin[...]

Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2017 [RVA Photographer]

These are my top 5 most popular Instagram photos of 2017. This was the year of pregnancy and baby for me, and you'll see that weigh heavily among my most liked, popular photos of the year 🙂 Due to being pregnant all year (we found out the first week of January), I didn't take on as many clients as I typically do. But the ones I did have were amazing as a[...]

Snowy Cinemagraphs [Chesterfield RVA Virginia Photographer]

These snowy cinemagraphs are actually from last year, but I never posted them! So since today is about 15 degrees out, I figured now it as good a time as any! Some peaceful snow gifs from around my yard, winter in RVA.  I started making cinemagraphs for fun a year or so ago. It seems fitting since I have a video background and my Nikon DSLR takes amazing[...]

Holiday Photos With Harrison [Chesterfield, VA Family Photographer]

Our first Holiday photos with Harrison! When my sister was in town, we went down to an adorable Christmas tree farm near our house for a quick family shoot with our little guy for Holiday cards. We had no excuses not to do one this year, so luckily we found the perfect sunny spot and this goes to show you only need 10 minutes to get some wonderful family [...]

Harrison's 3 Month Photos! [RVA Family Photographer]

Here are some of Harrison's 3 month photos! I'm trying my best to document my little guy's growth progress. I have so many photos of him already , most are unedited because let's be honest, being a new mom, and a working one at that, has left VERY little time for blogging and editing. So I missed posting here about his newborn, 1 month and 2 month updates (a[...]

Sweet Briar College Fall Engagement | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Today I'll share with you a Sweet Briar College Fall Engagement photo shoot! This has got to be one of my favs. It was my first time on Sweet Briar's campus and I must say it is an amazing place! So beautiful, so much to see and do and we had tons of fun, especially when we went down to the lake! From the rolling hills to the beautiful architecture, a hor[...]

3 Year Anniversary [Bon Air, Virginia Family Photographer]

We recently had our 3 year wedding anniversary! We've been together much longer, but of course this is something to celebrate. I've come up with a tradition that I absolutely love and my husband thinks is silly, but I know one day he will appreciate it. Especially after this year, since it was extra special with the addition of our little boy! Every ye[...]

Our Beautiful New Baby Boy [Virginia Family Photographer]

I've been away from this blog and website updating for much too long, but for good reason! If you follow me on social media, instagram or facebook, you've probably seen my updates. I've been pregnant since December, working a full-time job and growing a human, which has taken lots of time away from this part of my life! You really can't do it all... but a[...]

Charleston Weekend Boss Ladies Retreat | VA MD DC Photographer

A weekend retreat to Charleston with boss ladies I didn't know? I took one of those trips I wasn't quite sure I should take. Questions like, does it cost too much, will it be worth it, I don't know anyone who will be there, I'm nervous about meeting new people, will they be nice, will I have fun since I'm pregnant...? Among others. It may sound cliche, but p[...]

Yep, It's Finally Happening | Baby On The Way!

It’s finally happening, there’s a baby on the way! I wanted to keep this short and sweet, but there are a lot of things I have to say, and it will get personal, so it will be long... haha. As you can see, we're expecting! And we're happy, scared, excited, overwhelmed, calm and completely freaked out. This pregnancy thing is crazy! But I'm glad we're in it, a[...]

Lenart Fall Photos at Midlothian Mines Park [RVA Family Photographer]

This little lady just turned two years old! My how time flies. I spend most of my days with with the dad here, as we share a desk at my office, so I typically get a daily update on little Zoe and I can't believe how big she is getting already! It feels like just a few months ago that we went out to shoot their maternity photos! So they came back to do some [...]

Lumpkin Maternity: Libby Hill Park [Richmond, VA Family Photographer]

I absolutely love the ending of this story. And maybe a little lesson for some of you 🙂 Eric here is a coworker of mine, super great guy with a couple of kids, now with a lovely wife, pregnant with her first child. It took him some convincing to get her to see the importance in capturing this beautiful time in her life. Really to agree to take photos of he[...]

Sunflower Mini Sessions! [Richmond, VA Family Photographer]

Last year I discovered this awesome little sunflower field near my home. My first thought was, I NEED to photograph an adorable child here! So I did 🙂 And I want to offer you similar images of your little one, yourself or your family that that will mean so much to you now and even more than you know in the future. Great for kids, maternity and couples! In [...]

Mother's Day Special Offer [Richmond, VA Family Photographer]

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! How many good photos of you and your mom do you really have? I see it all the time, mom's usually take the photos and rarely get to be in them! So sad, right? Let me help you with that 🙂 Get in front of the camera (don't worry, you are beautiful!) and show off that love and special family bond with images that will mean so much to you no[...]

A Surprise Birthday Video [Chesterfield Family Photographer]

A past client contacted me to do a slideshow/video for his wife's surprise birthday party and shoot videos of her friends and family saying wonderful things about her I was all for it! He provided old photos for the slideshow and some of her favorite songs and I met with each person to do a quick video. She was so touched and happy!

Oreo Cheesecake Bites with Peanut Butter Ganache!

Instead of beautiful people on the blog today, I bring you dessert! A delicious recipe along with some pretty photos so you know exactly how they were made. These Oreo Cheesecake Bites won me a $100 gift card in the "So You Think You Can Bake" contest at work! And they are extremely tasty.

Olivia's Woodlake Senior Portraits! [Richmond, VA Photographer]

Photo sessions with high school seniors are one of my favorite things! And this one was no exception. Olivia was such a joy to shoot, and what a smart and wonderful young woman she is! We started with her love of tennis with some fun shots at the Woodlake Swim & Raquet Club, then moved along to the beautiful waterfront area to get those sunny, glowy port[...]

It's Fall, Ya'll! Limited Edition Photo Sessions

FOR A LIMITED TIME: SAVE $49 WHEN YOU SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND! Email tinatakemyphoto@gmail.com or fill out the form below for more info! 🙂 When was the last time you had photos taken of you and your family? Or your kids, parents, or even you with your furry friends? Fall is one of, if not THE BEST TIME for Photo Sessions! The weather is amazing, mother na[...]

Roberson Winter Maternity Shoot [Maryland & Virginia Family Photographer]

We've been having a HOT Summer here on the East Coast! So today I will try and cool you down (at least in your mind!) with a little snowy maternity session 🙂 This was a very special shoot. These are two of my dear friends, whose lives together I'm unofficially, or maybe officially documenting - see these links to their engagement shoot and wedding! My h[...]

Fall Photo Session at Randolph-Macon [Virginia Family Photographer]

This is a lovely Winter Family Photo Session. These kids have an amazing dad who contacted me because they have not taken group photos of the children since they were itty bitty, and he wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas! How sweet is that? We drove out to Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia where they first met. We had a beautiful, sunny aft[...]

Thank You For Joining Us!

This weekend was our "You Are My Sunshine" Mother's Day Mini Photo Sessions for Charity Event at the James River Cellars Winery in Richmond, Virginia with Sharon's Hands. I want to thank everyone who came out to join us and get lovely photos taken with mom, you were all so wonderful! This is just a quick preview of some of the images, more coming soon![...]

Savannah 1 Year [Virginia Family Lifestyle Photographer]

What a cutie I have for you today! This is sweet little Savannah. I've been documenting her since before she was born 🙂 You can see the maternity shoot here. It was winter, so we wanted to find a fun indoor location to shoot since we could not bet on warm sunshine! I did some research and got permission to shoot in the kids section of the Bon Air Library[...]

King Family Session [Richmond Lifestyle Photographer]

Today, I have a Family Photo Session with the sweetest people! Mom just got a job out of state, so they wanted to commemorate their time in Richmond, while also getting some photos for their little one's first birthday. The King family told me what they love about RVA is the mix or urban and nature. So I plotted out a perfect path for us where we started sho[...]

Cozy Christmas Photo Session [Midlothian, Virginia Family Photographer]

Here is my last Family Photo Session of 2014. And what a sweet and cozy set of images! I just love this family, they are such great people and make a ridiculously gorgeous and adorable baby! He's going to be a little heart-breaker I'm sure 🙂 We got lucky to have a fairly warm and sunny December afternoon, (unlike these frigid, terribly cold days we've be[...]

Engaged? I'm looking for Virginia Brides!

ENGAGED?? I'm looking for brides for the 2015 and 2016 Wedding Season! All you brides-to-be who said "YES" over the holidays, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now it's time to find your wedding photographer! Can you believe it's February already?? You've probably already started all of that wedding planning, and I know how stressful it can be and how time just flies by![...]

At Home Holiday Shoot by the Tree! [Richmond Family Photographer]

This past holiday, I had a few shoots that were surprise gifts for family members. This one was for the grandparents. How sweet! So it's finally time to share some of the images! We snuck into grandma's house while they were out of town for the day for some shots of her grand kids. It was a cold rainy day out, so we decided to just stay by the tree and se[...]

The Lenarts [Woodlake Maternity Photographer]

First blog post for 2015! 🙂 I love this maternity session shot in late November. It was a brisk, and I mean brisk fall day at Woodlake on the Swift Creek Reservoir in Midlothian, Virginia. Beautiful place for photos, but as the sun went down, it sure did get chilly! But mom was such a trooper, walking the long path with us and sticking it out to get thes[...]

The Littles [Goochland Farm Fall Family Photographer]

I am so in love with this fall family photo session!! I've been dying to share it with you all. (and it's not just because I'm partial to this particular wonderful family, and how beautiful they all are!) We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day and location. It had been pretty chilly this November, but we lucked out with warm breezes and sunshine [...]

20 Tiny Toes: Newborn Twins [Richmond Family Photographer]

When I was asked to photograph these twin newborn babies, I was so honored and excited! ... and also nervous, a little worried, overwhelmed. I mean babies are not always easy and there's two of them! But more than anything I was happy. Happy to meet these beautiful babies and see how joyful their parent are to have them. The house was filled with love (and o[...]

Abigail [Downtown Richmond Senior Photographer]

Smart. Sophisticated. Creative. Beautiful. The list goes on! Those are just some of the first words that come to mind when I think of this awesome senior. It's rare that you meet a young person with so much determination and ambition with a rock solid path to a bright future. And her high school senior photo session really shows it off. We had such a fun [...]

Clay at Libby Hill Park [Richmond Senior Photographer]

Hi there! I'm excited to share this handsome young man's senior portrait session with you all today. I love to shoot senior sessions, they are so much fun! This was an easy, laid back shoot with some really great props. I sometimes get a bit nervous when shooting guys, since they tend to be more difficult than girls, but lucky for me, this could not ha[...]

Sunday Sneaks!

Well, it's been a busy month so far! And there are good things on the horizon. I'm excited to have my weekends full of wonderful families in need of wonderful photos! 🙂 Here are some of the things I'm working towards finishing up today - twins, two family sessions, a maternity session and an engagement! Lots to celebrate and lots of blog posts to come! [...]

Liz & Jerry at Libby Hill Park [Richmond Engagement Photographer]

I'm excited to share this fun and sweet engagement session today! We drove up to Libby Hill Park, which has one of the best views of downtown Richmond that you can find! And bonus - it was right around the corner from where they first started dating years ago 🙂 They now both live near DC, but wanted to come back to where it all started. We had a bit of an o[...]

Married and Tanned!

The above image is not Photoshopped! Can you believe that water?! I've been on a pretty long break from blogging while I finished up the final touches on my wedding planning. It's all done with now and the results were more wonderful than I ever thought they could be. I feel so blessed to have been able to throw together my dream wedding - with the hel[...]

Back from Newport!

Rhode Island, you take my breath away. This weekend Ben and I went to Newport, Rhode Island for a family wedding. We've never been to New England before. And I cannot say enough good things about it. The weather was absolutely perfect. Far from the hot and humid summer we're having here in RVA! The wedding was on this hill overlooking the ocean, you could[...]

Seier Pregnancy Announcement (Chesterfield, VA Maternity Photographer)

As I've said before (see "Babypalooza 2014" here) we are in the midst of a serious baby boom! It's so exciting to see my friends and family starting their own families, I love all of the excitement and happiness that goes along with it! This was an extra fun shoot that I have never done before. Instead of waiting until she's about to pop, I was asked to d[...]

Baby Price [Chesterfield, Virginia Maternity Photographer]

I was as excited to take these photos below only second to how happy I was to take my own sister's maternity photos. This is a very special woman and a wonderful friend. Seeing her prepare to become a mother is a strange and beautiful thing. And she's due any minute now, I can't wait to meet the little guy! I was starting to think this session was never g[...]

July Desktop Calendar Download!

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! I'm a few days late, but here is your FREE July desktop calendar! I got this idea last month and am hoping to continue it each month throughout the year. We all need to change up our wallpapers every now and then. This is from a couple of years ago when I went to see the fireworks over Brown's Island in Ri[...]

Babypalooza 2014!

They keep saying there's something in the water... You go through periods in your life where everything changes for your friends and family. About 3 - 5 years ago it was weddings, I feel like every other month we were watching someone get married! Now, they are all starting to have babies. The number of people I see on a daily basis that have either just [...]

June Desktop Calendar Download!

I'm starting something fun and new and FREE for you! And as simple as it is, I'm so excited about it! I was bored with my desktop wallpaper on my computer (as I often am) You can only go so long looking at the same desktop image, am I right? So I did a quick internet search to switch things up. I found that people are making cute desktops with the current[...]

Rock the Shot May Challenge: Camera Phone

Every month Rock the Shot Forum has a photography challenge. Usually I miss it or just don't have time to submit anything... always regret it! 🙂 But this month the challenge is camera phone photography, which I would like to consider myself a bit of an expert on. After doing Project Life 365 last year - taking a photo a day based on a keyword and only usin[...]

Baby Catherine [Chesterfield Newborn Photographer]

I'm excited to share with you these adorable images from baby Catherine's newborn session! We had a bright sunny Virginia day to work with, which worked wonderfully for window lighting inside of their home. We also grabbed a few bright and green outdoor images in the backyard. Little Catherine made my job pretty easy, aside from the part where she did not wa[...]

Spring Daffodils Bloom in Virginia

We've all been through a rough winter this year, and are anxiously awaiting Spring. Which in Virginia keeps teasing us with one warm and beautiful day and then more snow and cold. I vote for Spring to show and and stick around once and for all! I think after St Patrick's Day, snow should be banned around here, don't you agree?? The one thing giving me a gli[...]

NBC12 is Happy!

I helped create this fun video for NBC12 and CW Richmond to celebrate March 20th, "International Happiness Day", put together by Pharrell Williams and the United Nations Foundation.

Something Green

Rock the Shot is an awesome forum for photographers, big and small. They do a monthly photo challenge, which I always seem to miss the deadline on, so this month I'm going in early 🙂 March's challenge is "Something Green". The only rule is you have to pick one photo and it has to have green in it. They also suggest you think outside the box. Looking thro[...]

Photos I Took When I Was 5

I'm so excited to share these with you, it just brings such a smile to my face. I think these are super adorable! I was cleaning and found the little photo albums I used to keep in my room as a kid. As you know, back in the days of film there were only a certain number of prints available and I'm assuming my mom took the best ones for the "good albums" an[...]

NBC12 Snow Day Promos

Every once in a while I get to work on something different and super fun. This is a perfect example! We held a facebook casting call, asking fans of the NBC12 facebook page to message us a photo of their family to be featured in some commercials. It worked out great! These are not actors, although some of them really could be! Just normal viewers and wonderf[...]

Midlothian Mines Park Engagement [Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer]

These two adorable lawyers were brought to me by my friend Sarah (whose engagement session I also shot last winter). Her and her husband were so generous to gift them this session because they would have never thought to have done it themselves. How amazing and sweet is that?! It's hard to find such wonderful friends! And it was also a unique experience to s[...]

Rockwood Park Maternity Session [Chesterfield, VA Photographer]

Today I'm sharing with you a super fun and sweet maternity session! Pam and I had been back and forth for a while about when to schedule this session because I had some traveling to do and the weather was just not cooperating with us. The day we had hoped for was calling for an ice storm and poor Pam was driving up from VA Beach, so I begged her to push i[...]

Vega Family Mini Session [Chesterfield, VA Family Photographer]

Like I always say, mini sessions are a great way to freshen up your family photos. Or get some for the first time with less hassle! Half an hour and happy faces are all we needed for this fun little session. We met at Rockwood Park in Chesterfield, VA. A great place for photo sessions! This little girl was so cute in front of the camera. For the first par[...]

Rutledge Family in Forest Hill Park [Holiday Mini Session]

Tis the season for Holiday photos! These are some of my favorite sessions. First off, because it's always nice to get into the spirit, and these are always quick and super fun sessions where we so easily get to play with colors and themes. And another common factor is that the animals are often included in these, which I love so much! So I met this lovely[...]

Nights Are Magical at The Virginia State Fair!

Fall is upon us and it is time for the Virginia State Fair! This year, I went by myself with my tripod and camera to capture some beautiful images of the fair rides at night. Come take a look! These images are also available for purchase as prints.

The Great Bull Run Comes to Virginia!

The Great Bull Run Comes to Virginia! The first ever in the US came right to our front door. I went down there just to see what kinds of photos I could get from this event. It was so much fun! And no one got gored, don't worry. Check out the photos and video!

Troy Michel - Headshots

Excited to share my first official set of head shots!! I met Troy Michel a few years back when she was the winner of CW Richmond's very first VJ Contest (where I work in marketing and promotions). So she was doing all kinds of spokesperson type of work for the station and clients around Richmond, VA. You may have seen her a on TV, she always does such a g[...]

Project Life 365: Week 23 and 24

June 2nd - June 15th is Project Life 365 weeks 23 and 24! Looks like I might have to stick with the 2 weeks at a time post. Things have been super busy as always, but we'd been planning a big party for my 30th - eek! It wasn't so bad leaving my twenties, it was actually a ton of fun, and the day before my birthday my boyfriend of 8 years finally decided to g[...]

Andy & Emilie: Beautiful Pocahontas State Park Wedding

I met Andy years ago through mutual friends, and when we met Emilie we just knew they were perfect together! One of the sweetest couples I've ever met, I was super excited when she asked if I would photograph their wedding in May. They are a perfect example of how a wedding should be about fun, family and friends. The ceremony was held in an absolutely be[...]

Project Life 365: Week 21 and 22

I've been falling a bit behind, it's been a super busy month! So I'm putting together two weeks in one post tonight to put an end to May. May 19th - June 1 is Project Life 365 weeks 21 and 22! Here are my daily inspiration photos- Day 139: #currently reading. I've been getting a ton of magazines in the mail, and I really just cannot find the time to sit d[...]

Project Life 365: Week 20

May 12th - May 18th is Project Life 365 week 20! Here are my daily inspiration photos- Day 132: #a_trinket. I was visiting my mom for mother's day and was looking at some of the sentimental jewelry she wears. The heart locket is pretty old, it has a photo of me on one side and my sister on the other. The silhouette necklace was a gift from me a few years [...]

Project Life 365: Week 19

May 5th - May 11th is Project Life 365 week 19! This week is an eclectic one for sure 🙂 I also want to take a moment to refresh you all on what this photo a day project is about. I've had lots of people lately tell me that they love seeing the photos I post each day, but want to know why I am hash-tagging a random word. These words are given to me by Projec[...]

Project Life 365: Week 18

April 28th - May 4th is Project Life 365 week 18! Bright colors and some sunshine! Day 118: #looking_out. I always feel bad that they can look outside all day but never actually go out there... But the one time we tried to let him be an outdoor cat he ran right into the street! Bad news. Day 119: #type. I spend most of my day at work picking out the pe[...]

Project Life 365: Week 17

April 21th - April 27th is Project Life 365 week 17! This one has lots of happy little things! Day 111: #hahaha. I thought this was a silly one. And it was hard to find something "funny", and I wasn't surrounded by children's laughter all day, which would have been very cute. My good friend gave me these silly magnet/finger puppets for Christmas of some f[...]

Project Life 365: Week 16

April 14th - April 20th is Project Life 365 week 16! Vertical lines, beautiful cities and tragedy: Day 104: #inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed my day spent in DC this week. There is so much beauty and history in this city. You feel a real sense of American pride in every direction. It will pump you full of inspiration! Day 105: #redemption. Today was a[...]

Project Life 365: Week 15

April 7th - April 13th is Project Life 365 week 15! Here's a little bit about my week: Day 97: #macro. Shots with a macro lens make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! But, like I've said before I am using my phone for this project, so booo to this word in making it super awesome. And I still don't have the olloclip I want! But I have to say I am impressed wit[...]

Washington DC - Pretty Cherry Blossoms

If you like flowers and Washington DC, this post is for you! This year I realized that even though I'm a little under two hours away, I've never actually seen the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms. So this year, me and a co-worker were determined to drive up and see them. Which ended up being a challenge with the insane weather we have had this year. Winter s[...]

Project Life 365: Week 14

March 31th - April 6th is Project Life 365 week 14! Here's a bit of my thoughts on the week: Day 90: #renew. Weather had been pretty strange around probably most of the US this year, winter has lasted so long! And every time we think it's gone it pops up it's head again. But there are some pretty buds starting to show on the trees, sign of springs renewal[...]

Project Life 365: Week 13

March 24th - March 30th is Project Life 365 week 13! I'm getting a little behind on these, my weeks have just been flying by lately! So let's get on with it... Day 83: #currently_reading: I keep tons of notebooks around, always thinking I will assign each one to specific tasks or objectives. And they always just end up a jumble of combined efforts. These [...]

James & Amanda: Downtown Engagement Session

James and Amanda are good friends of ours who currently live in Maryland. They don't get down too Richmond too often, so we'd been trying for a while to find a date that I could take their engagement photos. We headed down to the Richmond Library to start the shoot. They were so cute playing around in the stacks! And the architecture on the front steps was a[...]

Project Life 365: Week 12

March 17th - March 23th is Project Life 365 week 12! Starting with Saint Patrick's Day and ending with some music. This is a very diverse looking board. I'm only 3 months in, but I'm already planning a strategy for next year's photo a day project! I would like to have a consistency in color, tone, something... specific to each month so that when I put the[...]

Project Life 365: Week 10

March 3rd - March 9th is Project Life 365 week 10! Ten has always been a bit of a lucky number for me. And this week it was because they used one of my photos in their daily feature! Day 62: #troublemaker. He may look innocent here, but this little guy causes more trouble than you could believe... Day 63: #big_personality. This is the one that got me f[...]

Project Life 365: Week 9

February 24th - March 2 is Project Life 365 week 9! March already, wow! Hard to believe I am already 2 months done. The project may be getting easier in that it has become a part of my day like waking up and brushing my teeth, so remembering to do it has stopped being hard. Now the "what will I use today..?" is the hard part. But the fun part as well!

Project Life 365: Week 8

Week 8 of Project Life 365 is coming a bit late this time. It's been such a busy few weeks where I've barely touched my home computer, and I can't really even say why. Probably because we were wrapping up the end of February sweeps at work, short on help, but still managed to help with the win! Keep watching NBC12 all you local people! This collage is really[...]

Project Life 365: Week 7

Week 7 of Project Life 365 is pretty delicious! There are many things that these daily images are revealing about myself, and as someone who really does not have sweets often, this week was an exception!! Next week I'll have to throw some green stuff in there somewhere 🙂

Project Life 365: Week 6

Onto Week 6 of Project Life 365! Feb 3 - Feb 9, 2013. I'm liking the tones in this week's photo montage. From blacks to blues to browns and pinks. It almost has a natural progression.

Project Life 365: Week 5

Week 5 is done! Thanks for following along. It gets interesting to see the similarities (or differences) in each week's board. Last week everything was bluish or grey, this week is much more colorful! This week is also when the "day numbers" stop being the same as the current date, and apparently I am the only one going by days, so good luck to me on that. [...]

Sarah & Sandy [Engagement]

I'm super excited I got the opportunity to do this shoot! Not only are these two people perfectly photogenic - which always makes my job so much easier! - but we managed to have snowfall on a Friday that lasted into Saturday!!! Anyone from Richmond, especially the last few years, knows how big of a deal that is.

A Beautiful Excuse For My Absense!

I've been neglecting the blog for a few weeks, but for good reason! I took a bit of time off to visit my sister and her husband (who just returned from fighting overseas - so glad he's back home!) in beautiful, wonderful Hawaii.

A Photo A Day Project: Week 1

I'm very excited to have joined Project Life 365 this year! I've seen these photo a day projects floating around the internet and was very intrigued by the concept. So as 2012 came to an end I made a decision to commit to taking a photo every day and post it on various social media websites.

Petrosino Holiday Family Session!

Here is one of the sweetest little families I know! Iva and Joe wanted me to come over and do a quick session for holiday cards and to update family photos. It was a bit of a repeat from last year, but this time Lucianna is out in the world!

Kirkpatrick Family Photos

There is no doubt that this is what you call an adorable family! I've known Heather and Eric for a while and they are always a joy to be around. Heather has a fun and silly personality and she's such a great mommy. Even through all the random biting and flailing that little boys his age can't help but burst into at inopportune times! 🙂 Funny enough, they ha[...]

Baby Prout! [Maternity Photos]

I'm very excited about this post! Two of my very best friends are having their first baby and I just can't wait to meet her! Jessica didn't want to make a huge deal about photos, but finally gave into everyone telling her that when they didn't do it, they very much regretted not having any of those belly moments captured. And of course since she had me aroun[...]

Large Family Portraits!

One of my lovely co-workers came up to me and said she would love to gift some family portraits at her brother-in-law's wedding. This was an opportunity to get some large group portraits. We got lucky with some gorgeous weather that afternoon! My only disappointment was that we had a pretty short time span and I really really, really wanted to do some more c[...]

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