Headshot Session Questionnaire

Let’s Prep for Your Session!

Please take a moment to fill out the following. You do not have to answer each question, but the more that you do, the more helpful it is to me!

We’ll start with some session prep and then talk about your job.
If you are a business owner, these may be easier to answer. If you are an employee, you can answer anything that you feel is relevant. By filling out these questions, you give me insight on what to write if I feature your images on social media or my website.

Thank you for taking time to fill out this quick survey. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Your Name:*
Business Name or Employer*
Website and Social Handles*
Check anything that describes the "feel" you'd like to portray in all or some of your images.
Any specific images sizes or placements you may need such as a horizontal website header with room for text?
Think about any props you may want to use such as a laptop, notebooks, bags, mugs, tools of the trade, headsphones, etc.
Any tasks you do for work that could be easy to set up and photograph? Giving a presentation, taking a phone call, writing notes, recording a podcast, hanging up a sign, etc.
Tell me about anything you would like me to know going into your session or specific ideas you may have.
Tell me about your business/job in a few sentences.
If applicable, tell me why you chose your business name and the meaning behind it.
What made you decide to start a business?
What is/are your favorite(s) thing about what you do?
What would you like people to know about you or your business?
Any advice for those thinking about running their own business or doing what you do?
May I have your permission to use your answers on my social media and/or website?*