Personal Branding Photography Questionnaire

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Shoot.

This form will give me insight into who you are in your business. Maybe even help you shine a brighter light onto the specific message you want to get across to your current and potential customers.

Once you answer these questions, you and I both with have a better understanding of who you are, what you want your business to say and how we can work together to create a branding shoot that perfectly suits your business.

Personal Info:

Business Name
Website URL
Social Media Handles

Brand Story:

Who are you? Beyond job title, who are you at the core? What do you love to do for YOU outside of your business? What activities do you enjoy?
What you do. Beyond your actual service, what type of 'experience' you provide.
Why do you love this business? What's your mission?
Who is your ideal client? What are they like? What are their pain points?
What differentiates your business from others in the industry? What makes you unique?

Setting Your Intention:

Use three words to describe your band. If you'd like, you can elaborate on each word.
How do you most want these photos to grow your business? Check all that apply:
Please elaborate on what you hope to achieve by doing a personal branding shoot.
What type of feel do you want your photographs to have? Check all that apply:
Please elaborate on what you want your images to say about your business.
Optional: List any image requirements you need for specific image placements (Ex: Need new homepage header image with white space on the left side for text)


Please share your Pinterest board below and list what your brand colors are.
What locations(s) do you have in mind? What's important to you about the feel, style, vibe?
What outfit ideas do you have? And do you need help?
What kind of props (if any) would you like to incorporate in your shoot?
What kinds of images most appeal to you? Check all that apply:


Please share any additional ideas or thoughts you have around your photo shoot (specific details that are important to you, shots you have in mind, etc.)