Professional Business Headshots or Portraits are something that we all truly need in today’s online world. They will help you stand out, stay consistent and look more professional and put together. When you are planning to get new photos taken to use for your business, you want to go into it as prepared as possible with a clear vision of the types of images you want in able to best portray your personality and your brand.

But if you have absolutely NO clue what types of images you want, that is okay too! I hope that this list will help inspire and navigate you so that you can give your photographer and yourself some direction in order to achieve the best possible images.

Think about the feel you want your photos to have.

You can absolutely just sit and smile for the camera, but going in with a plan is the first step in getting great images.
Use the following examples to help shape the feel and attitude you want to show off in your photos.
Fun/Playful | Professional | Classic | Modern | Inviting | Knowledgeable | Relaxed/Casual | Earthy | Calming | Edgy | Elegant | Artistic | Serious

professional business headshots portraits tips

Are there any specific image placements you’ll need?

Example: You need a horizontal header image for your website with an area to place text on the left.

professional business headshots portraits tips

Tips for choosing Clothes, Hair, Makeup and Props.

The key is to think about what will align best with your brand.
– If you know your brand colors, add pops of that into your outfit, props and other elements to emphasize brand recognition.
– Outfit Tips: On-brand colors. Avoid distracting patterns. Choosing quality, well-fitting fabrics makes a huge difference in appearing put together and professional. Layers and accessories are a plus and can be added and removed for variety. Overall, make sure you look and feel comfortable.
– Stay authentic to yourself in clothing, hair and makeup. Now is not the time to try something out of your comfort zone.
– Props: Tools of the trade or personal items. Ex: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, notebooks, planners, pens, books, camera, artwork, flowers, mugs, seasonal items.
– Think about tasks you do for work that you’d like to incorporate that could be easy to set up and photograph. Giving a presentation, taking a phone call, writing notes, recording a podcast, hanging up a sign, etc.

professional business headshots portraits tips

Don’t Stress about it!

Seriously, you’ll do great with my guidance. Practice your smile or the expressions you may want to use. Make sure they feel like you. It is important that you feel comfortable and like yourself so that the real you comes out in the photographs.
You can practice your posing if you think that will help as well. Find your “best side.”

RELAX. The photographer is there to help navigate you through the session, help you feel comfortable, confident, natural and make it fun and effortless so that you will feel proud to display these images.

professional business headshots portraits tips

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