February Photo Exclusive: Couples Sessions!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate LOVE.

This February – I’m extending a special photo offer that was a huge hit last year, so I’m doing it again!
Love of all types, shapes and sizes. If you are lucky enough to have found it, fully embrace it, cherish it and of course…
Document it with one of my couples sessions!

Save $50 on a Couples Photo Session!

1 Hour | 25 images |  $450 $400
20 Mins | 5 Images | $350 $300

Scroll for booking info!

Couples Session must be booked anytime in February and redeemed in 2022.

rv photographer couples photo session

It is SO much fun to do a photo shoot with the one you love.
Especially if for no reason other than capturing some genuine moments together.
My husband and I started dating in college (I just did the math – almost 17 years ago! HOW?!?!) and I love looking back on those photos we’ve taken together.
What better way to celebrate each other?

This is the oldest photo I have of us (from a wedding in 2007). By no means a professional photo, but still fun to look at!
This was one of the first “good” photos taken of us on a professional camera… and it was taken by me on a tripod! Not too bad for back in 2009.

Anyway – I share these examples to convince you that getting professional photos taken is WAY better than those hundreds of selfies you take together.
Sure, some of them are super cute. But how many of them will end up in frames? Maybe one or two, but I doubt they’re worthy of blowing up large on your walls!
I actually did frame that second one, in black and white, and it’s been in our bedroom forever.

This is a perfect out of the box activity for a fun date night (or gift!) where you can be yourselves, share an experience and get some amazing images.
Or just an excuse to put on some “real” clothes and get out of the house, because we all could use a bit of that…

So, to celebrate, I am offering $50 off couples photo sessions!

Save $50 on a Couples Photo Session!

1 Hour | 25 images |  $450 $400
20 Mins | 5 Images | $350 $300

couples sessions rva photographer

How to Book:

1. Choose which session option you would like:

1 Hour | 25 images |  $450 $400
20 Mins | 5 Images | $350 $300

2. Email me and I will send you an online invoice.

3. Or, choose an option to pay below and I will be in touch!

1 Hour Couples Session + 25 Images

20 Minute Couples Session + 5 Images

Want to see some of my awesome couples? Check these out!


To redeem offer, book a couples session by February 28, 2021. Session date must be during the 2022 calendar year.

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