Hip, Hop, Hooray… It’s EASTER DAY!

Looking for some cute & fun DIY Easter Photo Ideas? Then you’re in the right place! Or if you just want to look at these adorable photos of my baby when he was actually just a baby – 3 years ago!!

I dug up these old photos to share 2 simple Easter Photo DIYs you can set up with your kids. All you need is a camera, a simple background, a few props, some helpful tips, and just a little bit of patience 🙂

baby easter bunny ears
baby easter photo at home diy setup

This is a super simple, clean setup. Here’s what you need to do:

– I draped a white blanket over my headboard for a plain background.

TIP: place it as far back as possible for more depth.

– I used a white comforter for baby to lay on.

– In some of the images, I used a white lumbar pillow to prop him up.

TIP: LIGHTING is so important. Natural light can work wonders. There is a window to the left of him with bright indirect light. Meaning no direct sun rays are hitting the subject. It is soft and pretty.

TIP: If using a DSLR, for that soft blurry background, set your camera to F1.4-2.8 if possible. If using an iPhone, portrait mode fakes a version of this and can actually look pretty great if done right!

easter baby bunny ears happy
cute easter babay bunny ears
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easter baby bunny ears eggs backyard

Next is an easy backyard setup. Here’s what you need to do:

– I gathered some empty Easter eggs, basket and his favorite bunny stuffed animal.

TIP: If photographing a baby, giving them something to hold on to helps them stay put (even if just for a minute!).

– I picked a nice grassy spot in our backyard.

TIP: LIGHTING. Again, so important. Knowing what time of day and direction the sun hits your yard makes a huge difference. The best light is in the morning or near the evening as the sun is going down.

– Placing your subject with the sun behind them and at an angle gives the best, most even light. And that nice, soft glow. And most importantly, prevents squinting!

– We set up the props and started with him sitting, then placed him down in the grass for a cute shot from above.

backyard easter bunny baby setup eggs

I hope you enjoyed these Easter DIY Photo Ideas and maybe gained bit of knowledge to help you create your own setups at home!

Sometimes doing it yourself is a great option when you want something festive, simple, free and quick. And to practice your skills!

But, if you know you want to update your professional family photos, before those kids are all grown up – because you know it happens right before your eyes! – Let’s talk! And plan a fun and easy photo session that you don’t have to set up or edit yourself! I’d love to capture beautiful, authentic images of your family bond just as it is right now.

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