Today is Mother’s Day 2016! Time to celebrate the woman who has given more to you than you will ever know. I always feel like no matter what amazing idea you have to make her feel special, it will never be enough to thank her for all she has and will do for you. Here’s to all of you hard working, tired, loving ladies out there going above and beyond every day for your little ones.

This time last year I teamed up with Sharon’s Hands Charity and James River Cellars Winery for a special Mother’s Day Event! (SCROLL FOR PHOTOS!) It dawned on me that I never gave a proper recap on the blog! At some point I felt that too much time had passed and it was too late, so I thought this year would be the perfect time to share some of the beautiful images of the wonderful people that joined me in celebrating moms, love and giving back.

This year I was way too busy to plan another event, and I so wish that I had the time (fingers crossed for more time to plan next year!) I’m even wondering if this could work for father’s day as well…. dad’s are just as important of course! 🙂

So what I am able to offer this year is a family session special offer! Available to purchase now for a Mom and Me session, family session or even just the kids!



Last year’s mini session photography event benefiting Sharon’s Hands Charity at James River Cellars Winery. It was so much fun! Each family paid $100 which went directly to charity to help Stroke Victims and their Families. And here’s the best part: (Besides giving moms beautiful images with their babies of course) I recently got this letter in the mail. It’s so touching and amazing to know that with my photography I was actually able to help a real person.


Now, here are some images of the wonderful mom’s and families that joined us for the event:

mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-07mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-01mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-06mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-08mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-10mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-02mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-04 mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-03 mothers-day-mom-and-me-grandmother-granddaughters-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-05 mothers-day-mom-dad-baby-sunglasses-adorable-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-09

And ending with one of my mom and myself, because she’s just the best!mothers-day-mom-and-me-family-session-mini-richmond-vriginia-james-river-winery-event-charity-tina-take-my-photo-portrait-maymont-rva-photographer-sharons-hands-11

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

IIf you live in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area (or if you don’t!) I’d be honored to shoot with you! To book a session or just to say hi, send me an email, I’d love to chat!

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