Like I always say, mini sessions are a great way to freshen up your family photos. Or get some for the first time with less hassle! Half an hour and happy faces are all we needed for this fun little session.

We met at Rockwood Park in Chesterfield, VA. A great place for photo sessions! This little girl was so cute in front of the camera. For the first part of the session she just kept wanting to wave at me and smile, so sweet! And she sure did like to ham it up, until the poor thing started to get too chilly! It sure was a brisk winter morning! But we came away with some great family memories 🙂

TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession1 TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession2 TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession7  TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession5TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession8

So sweet!TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession6

I love a good, fun father daughter photo!TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession10TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession4TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession9   TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession3  TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession11 TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession12

How irresistible is that little face?!TinaTakeMyPhoto_Vega_MiniSession13

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