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I truly appreciate you taking the time to look at my work and learn a bit about me. Here’s a little bit about what I do and why I do it!

Living in a world of badly lit, blurry, low-resolution selfies, I’m here to give you beautiful, thoughtful and artistically composed photographs you will be proud to display in your home.

I mostly shoot “Lifestyle” photography in that it is candid, but with some direction and gentle posing. When shooting families or couples, I strive to capture natural connections, focusing on finding raw emotion and moments that happen when I set up a scene and then let you be yourself, play, laugh, smile, interact. It is easier, whether at your home or a nearby park, to feel relaxed and comfortable. And bonus: You end up with much better images (especially for the kiddos!) 

When you walk by a photo of you or your family, remembering how much fun you had on your shoot, it reminds you of just how lucky you are and how beautiful life is.

Celebrate your beautiful life with me! I serve the VA, DC and MD area but would be thrilled to talk with you about booking me out of state.

I’m a photographer, artist, lover of animals and my family, wannabee world traveler living in Chesterfield, Virginia. I have an obsession with sunshine and nature. I find beauty in the simple things in life. Nothing feels more wonderful than capturing a moment for someone that will forever make them smile. Life is made of these moments and I want to preserve them for you so that they can hold meaning for years to come, and always give you joy.

If you are interested in a Photo Session or Wedding, please check out my Pricing Information or Send me an Email!

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Fun Facts:

-I grew up and live in the beautiful state of Virginia. I have a BFA from VCU School of the Arts in Film and Animation. (I can also shoot a video, paint a picture or design a logo for you!)

-I use that degree daily for my full-time job at a local news station. I’m Sr. Marketing Producer and Graphic Designer for the #1 news station in Central Virginia, where I produce marketing campaigns, commercials, print ads and photography. I hope you watch :)

-I won a Regional EMMY Award in 2015 for an awesome NBC12 Weather Promo I created with my team. Watch it here!

-When I was a kid I was probably doing one of these things: Hanging out with my dog, cat and sister, drawing, reading, riding bikes or playing in the woods behind our house. Outdoor time with my sister was my favorite.

-I also love to work on films! Me and a group of super talented people have been a part of the 48 Hour Film Project the past few years. In 2011 we won best film for Summer League and ended up screening at the Cannes Film Festival! Traveling to France with my BFF to experience this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Want a good laugh? Watch Summer League here!

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And here’s me with my husband and Mom, just because :)



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