Here are some of Harrison’s 3 month photos! I’m trying my best to document my little guy’s growth progress. I have so many photos of him already , most are unedited because let’s be honest, being a new mom, and a working one at that, has left VERY little time for blogging and editing. So I missed posting here about his newborn, 1 month and 2 month updates (and I still hope some of that will come later!) but I’m excited to share with you this month. And especially because I just love how many smiles he has this month!

This guy has a big personality that started to come out pretty early on. He loves being entertained and constantly keep moving around. Especially  loves to be walked around the house or down the street when it’s nice out. Still a squirt, just under 11lbs, but long! Lots of his clothes are too wide but too short. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing already, 3 months come and gone so fast!

He’s having fun making new friends at daycare. Smiles a lot at his teachers!

He’s sleeping through the night and learning how to take better naps (because that was not happening!)

He loves to smile and giggle at mommy and daddy, especially after diaper changes and when he gets cheek, feet and tummy kisses!

I could kiss those toes all day!!

Honestly though, he has one of THE sweetest faces 🙂

Loves listening to us read books. Starting to hold and grab at toys. Great at holding up his head. Still loves his fox paci. Loves snuggling up in blankets.

Can no longer imagine a world without this guy it in <3


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