For our 6 year anniversary, I really wanted to continue our tradition of taking a new photo where we got married. (Scroll to see past year’s!)

But with the pandemic and 2020 just being so strange, we weren’t sure we should even bother trying to do it. Our wedding venue is also a school… so I was hesitant to ask if we could show up this year… But I decided to send a very open and friendly email to the wonderful staff at the Sabot School and they were so accommodating and helpful as always. They gave us a small window of opportunity to visit so I rearranged our schedules and made it work! We were in and out in no time.

I’m so happy we didn’t have to skip this year. Traditions are so important to me and we don’t really have that many of them… tough my husband would say otherwise, haha. One thing that this year has solidified more than anything for us as for many of you, is how important family and the ones closest to you are. So I’ve been trying extra hard to soak up every extra minute and snuggle we’ve been given this year. They mean more than anything. As hard as it’s been, it is truly been a blessing to have this time at home.

Also so happy that for the first time since we’ve done this, the humidity wasn’t brutal and we got a gorgeous sunny day!

As I always say, this has become so much more fun now that we get to bring Harrison along. It’s a great way to watch him and our family grow.

Here is our original photo that we base all of these off of.
6 year wedding anniversary shoot bon air rva sabot school
And here are a few from this year. I set up that tripod so fast to be as inconvenient as possible, so we didn’t do as many fun poses as usual, but I love the ones we did get πŸ™‚
6 year wedding anniversary shoot bon air rva sabot school
6 year wedding anniversary shoot bon air rva sabot school
6 year wedding anniversary shoot bon air rva sabot school
6 year wedding anniversary shoot bon air rva sabot school

Below are photos from past years, some with links to the blog posts as well. Scrolling down this next section I just can’t believe how quickly little man is growing!

Here is the post from last year, our 5 year anniversary!
4 year wedding anniversary
This was year 4, when he was just learning to walk!
This was my favorite year, when Harrison was just 3 weeks old!
On our second year, we were just being silly πŸ˜‰
And here is one from our 1st anniversary. I do wish I had thought about wearing the wedding shoes at first, but at least I came up with that idea on year 2!

So lastly, one more friendly and caring reminder to enjoy these moments with your family, make traditions, appreciate what you have and savor the moments. Do small things that make you feel happy and complete. Spend some time outdoors, away from technology. Breathe in that fresh air and unwind. Know that I hope you are finding some peace in this rough year and here’s to a wonderful end of the year and start of 2021!

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