We recently had our 3 year wedding anniversary!

We’ve been together much longer, but of course this is something to celebrate. I’ve come up with a tradition that I absolutely love and my husband thinks is silly, but I know one day he will appreciate it. Especially after this year, since it was extra special with the addition of our little boy!

Every year I like to recreate this photo below. I grab my husband, camera, tripod and remote and drive back to the spot where we got married. It’s easy because our wedding venue is about 10 minutes from our house and the ladies there are awesome with letting us come by for a quick photo op. Years from now it will be so fun to look back at how we’ve changed, grown, added kids, etc every year. It’s only been 3 years and already so much has changed!

Harrison was only 3 weeks old here, and it’s a bit of a miracle we actually pulled it off! Luckily we have a baby who once he gets past the initial annoyance of being strapped in, likes and falls asleep in his car seat.

I’m honestly somewhat surprised with how well these came out. They may look easy-breezy, but reality is, we were a mess trying to leave the house! My clothes didn’t fit how I thought they would, either stretched out too much from pregnancy or still too tight from before. I only had time to throw my hair up (luckily it looks pretty cute) and makeup wasn’t happening, I’m just glad we made it!

And I’m so happy we got to include him in these. When I first came up with the idea of the yearly photo, I imagined how it might be when I was pregnant or when we had a child. And I love how it’s 3 years, married, 3 weeks old and 3 of us!

Isn’t he just the cutest little squish! <3

And of course we couldn’t resist throwing in a quick Simba pose for our little prince 🙂


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