April contacted me about taking her wedding photos in September, we exchanged a few emails until we were able to find a time to meet and discuss what she wanted for her special day. Right away I really connected with her, she has such a great personality and in a funny way their relationship reminded me a lot of my own, Ian was the typical male, uninterested in any of the details, but was sweet and supportive about it, sounds familiar! What a good sport.

As it got closer to the wedding day, she contacted me again because family member were asking for engagement photos, lucky for me they hadn’t gotten any yet! She wanted to avoid a complete session that took up lots of time, so we decided to meet quickly one day after I got off work. It turned out to be a gorgeous day outside! Right before sunset, we met a Byrd Park. After Ian relaxed a bit and I had to force him to start smiling a little… 🙂 the plan for one or two quick photos turned into lots of great ones! They were such a joy to work with – and even easier being so photogenic, she’s gorgeous, right? –  and in about 20 minutes we were out! I love the feeling it gives me to be able to provide someone with something that they weren’t even sure that they needed, but in the end so happy to have.

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