Now that I have a little one at home, I find myself constantly trying to come up with creative ways to keep him entertained, get moving and learn random skillsets. Holidays have become the perfect time to experiment with fun, new ideas! Here’s how I created this cute, fun Raining Hearts Umbrella for Valentine’s Day!

This is the first of two Valentine’s Day Photo DIY Projects. See “Paper Heart Kisses DIY” here!

Here is a cute, simple DIY Valentine’s Day project that you can create with a few basic supplies that you may already have on hand. A fun, easy, low-budget activity to do with your family. Or with your significant other, your pet, yourself, there are no rules here!

Scroll down for instructions on how to create a Raining Hearts Umbrella!

Side note – I’ve been enjoying creating GIFs in Photoshop lately, they’re pretty easy and so much fun!

Here is how I created my “Raining Hearts” Umbrella!

– Red Umbrella. I bought this one years ago at Target. I love the wooden handle!
Sparkly heart stickers and red Scrapbook Paper from Michaels.
– String
– Scissors
– Glue Gun

Watch the time-lapse below for a glimpse at the process (and my cute Spider-Man assistant!)

This took me about one hour to create.

– First, I started with math and laid out the heart stickers in the order that I wanted them to hang. I have 24 stickers. There are 8 ribs on the umbrella. So I planned to do 4 ribs with 6 sparkle hearts each and 4 ribs with the hearts I would cut out. My little helper assisted in arranging the hearts how I wanted them to hang on each string.

– I then loosely placed them on the strings and added glue gun dots to the backs.

– Fold your craft paper about the width that you want each heart. Start drawing a half heart shape on the fold so when you cut them out they will be symmetrical. Do that until you have the amount that you need.

– Now glue those to the remaining 4 strings.

– Then simply double or triple knot each string to the ribs of the umbrella. This was honestly the hardest part!

– Lastly, try not to get too frustrated when they get tangled together. Because they will! It was an exercise in patience untangling them over and over!

My sweet neighbor was kind enough to “model” the umbrella for me. It was also her birthday so she had this special dress to show off. And let’s not forget to take a minute to appreciate that red sequin jacket!

I hope you enjoyed this Raining Hearts Umbrella DIY. Or at best, the photos of these adorable kids that I was able to capture with it.


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