A weekend retreat to Charleston with boss ladies I didn’t know? I took one of those trips I wasn’t quite sure I should take. Questions like, does it cost too much, will it be worth it, I don’t know anyone who will be there, I’m nervous about meeting new people, will they be nice, will I have fun since I’m pregnant…? Among others. It may sound cliche, but part of being a true Gemini is, I always go back and forth when making any kind of decision, it is a true struggle! 🙂

But I am SO GLAD I made the decision to go! I met some of the most genuinely amazing people and connected with them in ways I never imagined that I would. We were thrown into a packed beach house together where we talked, listened, learned from each other and just had the best time.

When a group of like-minded, creative business owners is put together, whether strangers or not, something clicks, bonds form surely and quickly. I highly recommend going outside of your comfort zone and doing something like this if you have the chance. I’m so grateful for meeting this group of girls in a unique situation, a time that we will always share. I only wish I took more photos with these ladies!

Here I will share a little bit of a behind the scenes look at the weekend in the quaint and welcoming town of Charleston, South Carolina.

Making floral crowns by the beach with CeCe was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend! The second you meet her, you love her. And being the crafty, flower-loving person that I am, this was the perfect activity.

Once we all finished, we had some fun taking photos with our lovely teacher 🙂

Quick shout-out to Sara and Olivia, the sweet, beautiful, fashionable duo behind the online boutique Shop Mondays! Check them out, they have such great stuff! And these girls are so sweet they just named their new arrivals after us!! You’ll see a Tina Tunic in there 🙂

The other best thing about this retreat were the amazing speakers. Boss Ladies who openly shared a wealth of knowledge and business insight to help us grow and better ourselves and learn from our mistakes! Each one had something unique and awesome to bring to the table and I have pages and pages of helpful notes and tricks to use in the future 🙂 I didn’t get a photo of everyone who spoke (and two of these are bad iphone pics!)

Being thrown together in the beach house was pretty cool. I loved how we cozied up in the living room instead of sitting in an uncomfortable conference room type of situation. And since we were all staying in the same place, after each speaker (and late into the night!) we had some of our best discussions . And the questions no one wants to ask on the spot during the talk were asked and expanded upon on our own time. Having access to everyone all day was a unique and wonderful bonding and learning experience

We also had some absolutely delicious meals prepared by two lovely ladies during our weekend. That is home made bread ya’ll, oh so good!

Family style tables set up on our deck overlooking the ocean were so nice! And again, more good bonding time 🙂

(Another grainy iphone alert) But the first night we had an adorable moonlit dinner set up on the deck, it was so fun and delicious! And the gorgeous flowers and cute menus and place cards were such a sweet and pretty addition.

The beach house. I only wish I took photos of the details, this was such a cute place! Wish I had more time there.

Same palm tree, different time of day. Not a bad view to wake up to 🙂

And I’ll end here with some more pretty photos of CeCe’s florals because I seriously could not get enough of them!

I planned to include some of my walk around downtown Charleston in this post as well, but it’s gotten too long as they always do… so stay tuned for another post devoted to that pretty, southern charm.

And of course the styled shoot we did at the park with some of Cece’s beautiful florals and some lovely brides! 🙂


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