This is a fun, quick, personal post 🙂

First off, if you haven’t seen our public pregnancy announcement, you can check that out here.

I wanted to do something cute but not too cheesy to tell our parents the big news. Being a photographer, and not seeing our parents as often as we should, it’s not uncommon for me to set up a camera on a tripod to take a few photos when we are together, so this was a no brainier really.

Ben and I had recently gotten a new cat, and both of our moms being big cat lovers, wanted to come and meet her. So I invited them all over under the guise of “come meet Rigby” and then we can all go to Sunday brunch!

It was SO hard to hold a poker face as I waited for the right time to tell everyone I wanted to take a few quick pics outside since we hadn’t all been together in a while. Especially since I tell my mom everything, it took all I had not to bust out with it when she walked in the door… I’d pretty much been trying to avoid phone calls with them for about a month, it was not easy!

So first, I did take a real photo. Then as I went to check it, secretly switched the camera to video mode. I’d also been hiding my reveal shirt – which has worked out great by the way, I love this thing – under my hoodie, which I was afraid would be suspicious since it was a random almost 80 degree day in February!
Check out what happened next. Audio isn’t great, but you get the point 🙂 (oh, and note there is no audio until about 12 seconds so don’t turn up your volume too much!)

Here’s the vimeo link if you’d like to see the full quality version: Pregnancy Announcement to Parents

Here are before reveal and after reveal photos, you can see the change in mood, haha.

And just for fun here are my favorite stills from the video. It was fun to watch over a few times to see everyone’s individual reactions. This one was right after my mom said it.

And then a moment later when what she said sank in.



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