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I’m excited to share this handsome young man’s senior portrait session with you all today.

I love to shoot senior sessions, they are so much fun! This was an easy, laid back shoot with some really great props. I sometimes get a bit nervous when shooting guys, since they tend to be more difficult than girls, but lucky for me, this could not have gone better! I’m loving all of these images.

We met at Libby Hill Park just after sunrise, which gave us this gorgeous view of the James River and the Manchester district or Richmond, VA. I couldn’t resist giving you a taste of our backdrop 🙂

Libby-Hill-Park-Fountain-Sunrise-Photographer (1)

We started off with some fun and simple poses in his nice crisp white shirt and tie!Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (1)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (2)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (18)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (5)

Clay is a stock-car racer – so cool, right?! – and we LOVE this photo featuring his helmet!

Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (8)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (19)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (7)

This guy has lots of awesome hobbies and talents, he’s also a drummer. We have some fun throwing around these sticks 🙂Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (12)

He’s a natural!Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (6)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (4)

Libby Hill Park features this beautiful fountain. Which I became obsessed with during an outfit change. Those glistening sun-soaked water droplets are irresistible!Libby-Hill-Park-Fountain-Sunrise-Photographer (3)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (10)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (16)

I’m always on the lookout for interested textures and backgrounds. This garage door and the bricks above were perfect.Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (11)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (9)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (17)Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (3) Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (15) Senior-Guy-Richmond-VA-Libby-Hill-Park-Photographer (14)

Let’s end with one more photo of that lovely fountain, go check it out! Libby Hill Park is worth a visit.              Libby-Hill-Park-Fountain-Sunrise-Photographer (2)

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photos. To book a session or just to say hi, send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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