Smart. Sophisticated. Creative. Beautiful. The list goes on! Those are just some of the first words that come to mind when I think of this awesome senior. It’s rare that you meet a young person with so much determination and ambition with a rock solid path to a bright future.

And her high school senior photo session really shows it off. We had such a fun time shooting throughout downtown Richmond. It was a gorgeous day ending with that perfect glowy light that I love!

One of my favorite things about senior shoots are the outfit changes and opportunities to show off their style and personality. We got three great looks here, urban trendy, a little boho and sweet girl next door. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do!

Let’s start out with one of our favs – the wall, doorway, dress, pose, RED PUMPS. Perfection!
Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (3) Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (10)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (2)

Richmond has tons of great street art. This wall was a perfect contrast to her white and flowy outfit. Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Street-Art-High-School-Senior-Photographer (4)

This cute accessory was her mom’s old easter hat! I love this pose, so editorial!

Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (13)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (11)

A crystal headpiece and purple wildflowers, can’t get much better than that. Until you add those gorgeous long eyelashes to the mix!Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (5)

This is another one of my absolute favs. And I love that she brought books as her prop.Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (8)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (12)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (9)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (3) Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (2)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Street-Art-High-School-Senior-Photographer (3)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (6) Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Street-Art-High-School-Senior-Photographer (1)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (6)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (7)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Sunkissed-High-School-Senior-Photographer (1) Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (5)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (4)

Here you can see main street station in the background. One of Richmond’s famous landmarks!Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (1)Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-Street-Art-High-School-Senior-Photographer (2)

Abigail, you are such a joy to photograph! I wish you the best of luck in all that you do, not that you need it! 🙂Downtown-Richmond-Virginia-City-High-School-Senior-Photographer (7)

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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