The Emmy Awards have quickly come and gone again. Each year, this is a huge, fun event where television production awards are presented in various sectors of the television industry. It’s broken up by region and we compete with MD, VA and DC.

If you didn’t already know, I worked at NBC12 for 14 years before leaving in March. First starting in the overnight news, then quickly joining the marketing team where I produced campaigns and promotions for the station. Over the years I’ve done some pretty cool things, but last year was definitely the year that my team did some of our most creative work.

It was a virtual event this year of course. And this may have been the biggest year yet for our station! Which made it even more heartbreaking that we couldn’t celebrate together. So many people got awards for the first time. Many more added to their collection. It was a pretty great night for everyone. My team won in four categories. I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication. The news business is no joke.

Below are our spots that won, take a watch and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

This was my round 2 of this spot. I created the first one the year before and it did very well, but I do like this one better. This was lots of fun to put together. Compositing is something I really enjoy and right now really miss doing!
The movie trailers… my manager had this awesome idea to do something no one had done before. He’s all about the big, crazy ideas. We were to make what appeared to be a movie trailer, that ended in a surprise news promo. And they ran all summer in local movie theaters before the real previews started. These were A TON of work! So many people devoted time and effort to these. And it seems that every shoot we had was in 100 degree weather.. But well worth it in the end. If you look closely, I’m also in this one about 4 times. We used a few real local actors, but most of the people you see worked at the station.
This trailer was the first one that we did. And once it started getting around, we wanted to go even bigger with the second one (above).
Oh the Christmas spot… I can write an entire post on how many things happened which made us think this spot was not going to make it. But we all pulled through – including Kings Dominion – and put together this holiday promo. Fun fact – we spent so much time decorating and wrapping things in the office I almost didn’t want to wrap any of my own presents that year!

And finally, a shout out definitely needs to be given to the news winners from this year, they are really the best!

– Best Newscast – Morning (4:00am – 1pm): NBC12 News Today
Anthony Antoine, Anchor
Andrew Freiden, Meteorologist
Candice Smith, Traffic Anchor
Michael Pegram, Producer
Andrina Cason, Executive Producer
Sarah Bloom, Anchor
Olivia Ugino, Reporter
David Perdue, Director
Victoria Doss, Producer
Sean Van Damme, Editor
Alex Whittler, Reporter

– Best Newscast – Daytime (1pm – 8pm): NBC12 News at 5:00
Curt Autry, Anchor
Colten Weekley, Producer
Karla Redditte, Anchor
Jason Boyer, Executive Producer
William Carney, Photojournalist
Karina Bolster, Reporter
Jasmine Turner, Reporter
Rachel DePompa, Investigative Reporter
Eric Perry, Reporter
Enzo Domingo, Reporter

– Best Newscast – Evening (8pm – Midnight): NBC12 News at 11
Karla Redditte, Anchor
Curt Autry, Anchor
Jason Boyer, Executive Producer
Eric Perry, Reporter
Kelly Avellino, Reporter
Parker King, Producer
Terry Alexander, Associate Producer

– Best Crime – Within 24 Hours: Her name is Markiya Simone Dickson
Kelly Avellino, Producer

And here are the specific categories that our promos above won for:
Best Short Format Program: NBC12’s “Special Delivery”
Promotion – News Promo – Single Spot: Mini Traffic & Weather II
Promotion – News Promo – Image: Forecast of Fear
Editor – Short Form: NBC12 Summer Blockbusters

Congratulations again to everyone! We did some amazing work last year and I’m looking forward to the work you continue to do this year.

I left the news business to pursue my own work full-time. I’m currently open for family photography, family films, senior portraits and personal branding photography or head shots. Send me an email if you’d like to chat about any of the above, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂