Think about it, how many good grandparent photos do you have?

With you and them when you were tiny? This makes me want to go to my parents house and scour their old photo albums to find more of these!

These two photos below are the only scanned versions that I could find quickly, thanks to facebook! On the left is me, my sister and our maternal grandparents in their front yard. I was old enough to remember this photo, and we had so many fun memories with them! Luckily they were around until I was in college and I know I can find many more with them.

On the right is me with my dad’s mom, and this photo almost makes me cry! You can’t even tell for sure that it is me, but I’m pretty sure that it is 🙂 She appears to be hugging me goodbye after a visit in what I will assume was my Uncle’s home in Maryland. Unfortunately she wasn’t around as long and I don’t even know if a photo exists of my grandfather and I!

These images mean so much and they are old, and not of great quality. But at least they exist.

Now that I have a son, I want to make sure that he has some really good photos of him with his grandparents.

And something you might not consider – but you should – bring your parents (the kids grandparents) to your family photo session!

They don’t have to be there the whole time, or participate completely, but having them jump in for a few will give you some wonderful memories! Whenever there is a grandparent brought along to watch the kids, I always make them get in a shot or two 🙂

And of course we had to jump in there for a few 😉 We don’t have many out in the sunshine!

I only wish we would have taken a group photo… oh well, next time! It was a bit chilly, even though it looks so nice and warm. So we were in and out quick.

I’ve pretty much become an expert at the “5 minute photo shoot” as I call it.

You can get really great stuff in a short amount of time with a plan and knowing what settings you need in camera.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you live in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area (or if you don’t!) I’d be honored to capture some memories for you!

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