I cannot believe I just shot Harrison’s 6 month photos!! Time is getting away from us fast and we’re trying to soak up every minute with this amazing little guy. He’s already grown and changed so much in these months!

He has teeth! Out of nowhere one night he had trouble sleeping and then there it was! Bottom left tooth poking out with no warning. And a few days later it’s partner started showing up. We had a few rough days after that, but he seems to be dealing with it pretty well for the most part.

This month he was able to sit with his fox in his chair!! He’s starting to fall out of frame on the floor photos. We’ll still do them but I’m happy we can now use the chair without worrying about him falling out!

He’s been eating more foods! His favorite is carrots. He’s also tried avocado (his first), sweet potatoes and bananas. He LOVES eating!! He’ll try anything we put up to his mouth.

He’s SO close to sitting up unassisted. This weekend he lasted a few seconds on the floor by himself before toppling over!

He’s such a people person, he loves everyone he meets and gives them big smiles!

We got really lucky with this guy. He’s become such an easy baby, we are so grateful to have him. Our lives have never been better, he is such a joy to be around and I am so thankful that he’s ours <3


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