Let me first start off by saying, I LOVE this couple! And it was only by chance that we found each other.

Here’s the story – Someone I know posted online that she was hosting a fundraising gala and silent auction for a 3-day Susan G. Komen walk. I messaged her asking if they had a need for photography. I’m very familiar with Susan G. Komen and was hoping to help out in some way. She said they were covered, but asked if I was interested in submitting a photo session for the auction. I thought it over, never having considered doing something like that before, figured I had nothing to lose and put together a little display for a family photo shoot. When she told me what a popular item it had been and someone was definitely going to contact me about a photo shoot, I got really excited! But also a bit nervous, since I had no idea what type of client to expect, but assumed only decent people would bid on a breast caner auction, so I was looking forward to it 🙂

She didn’t contact me right away, but when she finally did she asked if she could use it towards her engagement shoot, I said of course! She told me they were getting married at Celebrations at the Reservoir, and that we could take photos there, which was great, because as you can see from below, it is a gorgeous location. And I love a fall photo shoot by a lake! I could not have gotten luckier with this couple. As soon as we met I could tell they were laid back, friendly and up for anything. So easy to work with. And a beautiful couple! We had such a fun photo shoot, walking through the woods, seeking out awesome places to shoot. And then her brother dropped off their dog, who wasn’t too thrilled about posing for pics, but is just the most adorable thing ever!!

To me, this shows how taking small chances on things you normally wouldn’t do can really reward you. I met a great couple, shot some of my favorite images of the year, helped out a charity and even better, just booked their wedding for this October! I cannot wait to work with them again on their wedding day, it’s going to be the best! 🙂

Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (6)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (12) Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (4)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (7)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods-Dog (19)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (9)Modlothian-VA-Fall-Engagement-Photographer-Woods-Dog-ChairsMidlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (3)     Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods-Dog (21)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (24)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods-Dog-(23)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods-Dog (18)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (29)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (25) Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (28)  Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (30)Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Woodlake-Engagement-Photographer-Fall-Woods (13)   Midlothian-Swift-Creek-Lake-Gazeebo-Woodlake-Fall-Yellow-Leaves

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