These two adorable lawyers were brought to me by my friend Sarah (whose engagement session I also shot last winter). Her and her husband were so generous to gift them this session because they would have never thought to have done it themselves. How amazing and sweet is that?! It’s hard to find such wonderful friends! And it was also a unique experience to shoot a couple who would not have normally chosen this for themselves, so they started out a bit unsure, but as we went along they became quick pros and we got what may be some of my favorite images to date!

We met at a nice little park near our neighborhoods; Midlothian Mines Park. Sarah actually introduced me to this place, and I love it! Never would have known it was there. Hidden back in the woods and behind apartments, this park has wonderful nature trails that go through the woods, and an awesome running/bike path with a lovely little lake. Perfect place for a photo shoot! And we got lucky with another beautiful absurdly warm winter day in Virginia. Which worked out perfectly, because this poor couple got stuck in terrible traffic coming from DC so we had to push the shoot back just a bit, which I think actually made for better lighting, yay!

Jessica and Andy, I loved shooting with you and I hope you guys had a fun experience as well!

Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-1 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-2 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-3

I was a little worried the weeping willow lost all if leaves, but I love how it frames them in this shot!Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-4

This one is my absolute fav, so sweet!Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-5 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-6 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-7 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-8 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-9

There was some pricklies in there, but they were troopers 🙂Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-10 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-11 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-12 Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-13

Ending with golden light and birds is always a good day 🙂Midlothian-Engagement-Photography-Tina-Take-My-Photo-14

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