I’m a little behind on posting these next 2 weeks because of my trip, but I did manage to keep it up while I was away!

Here is the breakdown of Project Life 365 week 2 from top to bottom:

Day 8: #front_door. I didn’t have much time this day, and when I heard the topic, the first thing I thought was of my photos I took while in Taos of the Pueblos. They were so pretty, I took a whole serious of them. I’m still planning on doing something with that someday…

Day 9: #in_a_drawer. I bought this super cute french provencal dresser for my office recently. So I know I wanted to use that. It gives me a vintage feeling, so I found some cute necklaces and went with it.

Day 10: #game. This one was a bit tough. I wanted to think outside of the box, and at first I took some artsy photos of a reflection on a cat toy on the floor with them in the background, but then decided against it and took out one of my only board games, and took a close up, cause it’s just so cute! And probably not too well known.

Day 11: #signature. I had a few options for this one. I was going to use a cool angle close up of a nice pen on my desk, but as I was looking through other people’s submissions I decided I wanted to be a little less literal. One thing I am learning fast is to try and look outside of the box on these daily inspirations because for each one there are always 2 or 3 common themes everyone uses. So I went to write and email, and thought, this is perfect! Sadly, they don’t even teach cursive to most kids anymore, so the digital signature is what I see most of each day.

Day 12: #mini. This was another one with tons of ideas! I love when I just can’t choose! This was also the day I was flying to HI, so there were lots of “mini sized” items I encountered on my trip. What I didn’t expect though, was to fly through such clear skies and get amazing views of the US! We flew right over the Rocky Mountains, covered in snow and they were amazing and humungous! I thought it was interesting to show them looking “small”.

Day 13: #forgotten. I saw a photo once of a tiny black cat in the middle of a road with the words “forgotten” and every time I hear it that’s what I think! So I wanted to do something less sad. But we visited the Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona memorial that day. And it really was an amazing place. And very fitting. Those people will never be forgotten.

Day 14: #temptation. I had a tough time with this one too. It was ‘tempting’ not to take a photo of junk food or some guilty pleasure. So I thought about it for a while and asked my sister to hold an apple for me, thinking of Eve and the apple or the wicked witch offering the apple. And I was really excited about this one, because the next day they picked it as one of the top 4 photos of the day! You can see that post here. It’s become a bit of a contest every day to make them like your image, so I was proud of myself it only took me 14 tries 🙂


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Thank you for reading 🙂