Week 3 started halfway through my Hawaii trip. It really started to become difficult on some of these challenges not having my own “stuff” around to draw inspiration from. But like I’ve said before, I do enjoy they challenge 🙂

Here is the breakdown of Project Life 365 week 3 from top to bottom:

Day 15: #confusing. This was an easy one once we tried to read any of the road signs in Oahu. Pronunciation takes at least 4 or 5 tries!

Day 16: #sign_of_winter. Really, when I go from a cold place to a warm one, this word shows up?! Funny. I thought about cheating before I left, but I figured maybe I would find something that could work. And we were in Target and I found these touch screen gloves – which I needed – for only $3! I don’t think they are big sellers on the island… Not too crazy about this photo, but oh well, it works.

Day 17: #this_is_so_me. Something about this topic was annoying to me. Not sure why, but I looking at everyone else photos I guess I could see why. And again, I didn’t have any of my stuff with me! So I borrowed some of my sisters art supplies and a few things I did have with me and lined them up. Since before I can remember, art has been a huge part of my life, so no matter which way you look at me, in some form, that is so me.

Day 18: #news. Really? Again they picked something perfect for me on a day I wouldn’t be at work! So yes, I cheated on this one… before I left I went around the office taking a few shots of the news at angles people usually don’t see. I’m not super crazy about the one I picked, but hey, it’s news from my pov.

Day 19: #style. I swear, everyone posted photos of their shoes today, lol! As a woman, it’s a little hard not too. I had some photos of Style Magazine – which is an awesome local paper in Richmond – that was I going to use, but then my sister took me into this amazing photographers gallery and they has the coolest furniture! I loved the style of this love seat, so Beetlejuice! 🙂

Day 20: #currently_reading. Being on a plane all, and I mean ALL day and night even, I was bound to be reading lots of things. One that I found most interesting was this SKY magazine in my seat back that was all in what I think was Japanese since we were coming from HI, but could have been Korean maybe because Delta was also Korean air? I don’t know, but I do just love the way those characters look, I cannot wrap my head around it!

Day 21: #dream. This was fitting on my first day back to reality. Hawaii is such a breathtaking place, the views are simply like a dream. And I am grateful that I got to spend a little bit of time there with people I love.


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Thank you for reading 🙂