I know it’s very exciting to receive a DVD in the mail or in your hand that holds your wonderful photos you just cannot wait to look at! But even when it is labeled with a pretty picture of you or your loved ones, a DVD isn’t really all that exciting… So I thought it would be fun to dress it up a little with some pretty packaging!

I love love love to be crafty! It’s just so hard to find the time with work and more work and everything else going on in life… it’s pretty low on my priority list. Sadly the days of sitting in my room for hours drawing and making fun things are much rarer. BUT when I can, I fit in in there somewhere! Every once in a while I make a trip down to Michael’s or some other craft store just to get ideas and look around, which can be very dangerous!  I end up buying tons of stuff I promise myself I will use to make something special!! But usually don’t. Poo.

So when I wanted to pretty up this packaging it was way too much fun for me, lol! But I kept it cute and simple and had a great time putting it together. So hopefully when someone gets excited about opening their DVD, they will also get a little smile with the surprise of getting to unwrap a little something, and who doesn’t like unwrapping things?! 🙂

So here is the finished package, it’s super cute, I was a little rushed… but I like!

I got these sweet little baskets at the Dollar Store! I’m always surprised at the great stuff you can get there.