I was as excited to take these photos below only second to how happy I was to take my own sister’s maternity photos. This is a very special woman and a wonderful friend. Seeing her prepare to become a mother is a strange and beautiful thing. And she’s due any minute now, I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

I was starting to think this session was never going to happen, the weather around here sure can be a pain in the butt, but in between rainy and sweltering days, we found a gorgeous late afternoon at an awesome location that I found funny enough by doing a google maps satellite search near our neighborhoods to see if there was hidden water around, sure enough there was this! And it was just perfect 🙂

It turned out to be a really fun shoot, I even got her to walk through weeds for the perfect country/southern atmosphere. And they look so much in love! I love how a baby just brings out the joy in everyone. I hope you enjoy looking at these two soon-to-be amazing parents!

sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (6)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (5)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (3)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (9)

This shot just took my breath away when I first saw it. Almost as if she is creating that beautiful glow all herself! 🙂

sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia-rainbow (10)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia-teddy-bear (14)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (2)

How adorable is this little teddy bear?! Can’t stand it!     sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-teddy-bear-virginia (12)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (7)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (13) sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (11)sunny-sweet-baby-shoes-maternity-photography-virginia (8)maternity-photography-blackandwhite-virginia (1)sunny-sweet-outdoor-country-maternity-photography-virginia (15)

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