Santa Visit 2018 was a huge success!

So far we’re 3 for 3 on great Santa visits! Harrison might officially be the best behaved baby to ever sit in Santa’s lap. Instant friends! 😍🎄💕

We went to the Great Big Greenhouse for the second year in a row. And I really think it is the BEST place to see Santa! It’s free, you take your own photos. The setting is awesome. The greenhouse is always great to visit. It’s one of my favorite places year round, but especially during the holidays. They had a huge model train setup that the kids loved watching. Free popcorn and Brunswick Stew. Just full of happiness and holiday cheer!

santa visit 2018

He was only slightly hesitant when we first set him down, but once he saw that we weren’t going anywhere and I was taking the photos, he settled right in.

santa visit 2018

This Santa was smart and had things for the kids to play with. He loved this little tambourine! I wonder where he got it… He’d love one of his own.

santa visit 2018

I got the elf outfit from Carter’s for a really great deal! It was absolutely perfect for this.  Santa’s sweet little helper.

santa visit 2018

santa visit 2018   santa visit 2018

I’m so looking forward to when he really knows what’s going on. For now, he’s just having fun and going with the flow. I’m so happy to be able to capture these memories for him to see in the future.


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