Also… That time I was “scolded” by a weather man…


Today is a day that every photographer looks forward to each year. They day that we get to “Spring Forward!” Yes, we may lose an hour of sleep and it’s a bit darker in the mornings, but that doesn’t last long as the days get longer! The best part – we can go outside after dinner again!
For someone with young kids this is HUGE. And as a photographer, this is HUGE.

If I’m shooting a session outdoors, I always recommend early morning or late evening for the dreamiest sunlight.
Daylight-saving time marks the beginning of late evening sessions again. Which gets me even more excited for Spring!

Now – about that time I got “scolded” by a weather man…
That forever changed this day for me.

As you probably know, I worked at NBC12 for 14 years. Which means, I became pretty close to my co-workers. And also – I was in an environment filled with people who write and talk for a living. Very smart people. People who are particular about grammar.

One of those favorite people of mine is Meteorologist Andrew Freiden. You many know him for his weather forecasting, or for his bad dad jokes and huge personality. And yes, he really is like that IRL.

Anyway, one morning I walked into the weather office and our exchange went like this- 

me: “Hey Andrew – we need to shoot a quick daylight savings promo!”
him: “…shoot a what?”
me: “… a daylight savings promo”
him: “…a what??”
me: ……
Until it dawns on me: “OH! daylight SAVING, sorry!”
him (joking, but very serious): “Don’t you EVER say daylight SAVINGS to me again! The sun isn’t saving money here!”

Never have I ever said daylight saving time with an S again.
And I hear it ALL the time. And it now drives me crazy too! Why is this something that so many people get wrong? English is hard….
And Andrew really is the best!

In conclusion, I hope you take away these three things today:

1. Daylight Saving does NOT end with an S.
2. We’re entering the season for gorgeous, late afternoon, after-dinner photos shoots and I’m super pumped for it.
3. Dont forget to move your clocks forward one hour tonight!

If you’re ready to up your photo game this Spring and need to book a photo session, I’m your girl!
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See you in the sunshine!

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