It is the first day of snow this season in Virginia. And it’s a good one in that, it was falling slow and pretty, it didn’t stick to the roads and it’s pretty much already gone. Just enough to enjoy it for a few hours!

I’m excited because yes, I do love snow.
BUT I’ve been forced to not like snow for the past 14 years because I never got a snow day! Working in the news business, snow days are always one of the busiest days and everyone has to be there no matter what. It was fun sometimes, I always did like shooting the show footage and creating the promos. It would be an adrenaline rush. But it was dangerous most of the time and I am thankful that for the first time, I can stay home and enjoy it!

So I spent about 30 minutes in my yard taking some video and photos and wanted to share.

The following images are sized to fit perfectly on your iPhone lock/home screens! So if you would like to add a little winter wonderland to your mobile device, please take you pick! Just right click or press to download to your phone.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the images. Next time it snows, I hope to go downtown to get some more iconic RVA images to share. I’d love to know what you think, which one is your favorite and if you decide to save and use one on your iPhone, please share!

Thank You for stopping by! 🙂

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