This, was one of my favorite days of shooting. I am so beyond excited to share it with you.

I’m often reminded of why I love to do what I do, and bottom line it’s the happiness I bring to people when showing them images of one of, if not the best day in their lives. But it is also about the happiness that brings to me, as an artist and as a person. I love to see people happy, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 And capturing someone’s wedding day is a HUGE honor and responsibility. There’s no re-do’s here! I sometimes get as nervous and excited as they do walking down the aisle. Once I get home, copy the thousands of files and start looking through them, I get to re-live these moments and feel the emotions pop off the screen, it’s so awesome to be able to give that gift.

01-Washington-DC-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Pose-City-White-Jackets-Photographer  (40)

What made me even more excited and nervous about this wedding as you can see already, is that this is my first time photographing a gay wedding. The way I see it, weddings are already enough of a big deal, but when it comes to same-sex weddings, this is something that not too long ago wasn’t thought of as being possible for many people. And to photograph this wonderful couple in public – where I’ll admit I had one eye alert to everyone we passed on the street, but the only people that yelled at us where shouting wonderful words of encouragements and congratulations – with their family and friends, surrounded by so much love just made my heart so full. I’m a huge believer in equal rights for everyone, if you’re lucky enough to find love, you should be able to fully embrace it!

02-Washington-DC-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-City-Crosswalk-Photographer (15)

After a few phone convos, I met Steve and John on an “interview” at Starbucks, where they were narrowing down photography candidates. Talk about being nervous! But the second I met them I was dying for them to pick me, I absolutely loved both of them, and pretty much wanted us to be best friends. They are amazing people and so much fun. We ended up talking for way longer than expected. I did my best to impress them and be myself, and thank goodness whatever I did worked! I seriously almost cried when they let me know they had chosen me.

03-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Pose-City-Holding-Hands-PhotographerThe wedding was in Washington DC at the beautiful Mayflower Renaissance Hotel. Everything about their wedding was a dream to photograph. Lovely couple, gorgeous and elegant location, awesome friends and family. I am so humbled to have had the honor of being there with them on this day. Enjoy the photos, there was so many amazing moments, this was not easy to narrow down. I hope you take a minute to look through them all, they only get better! 🙂


This was a meant to be moment here. We were walking through the park and spotted this lovely convertible. I mentioned how cool it would be if we could use it for a photo. But obviously we weren’t going to jump into someone’s car! So we kept walking along. As we were about to leave, and the “Santas” had photo-bombed us a few good times (you’ll see this farther down the page), the owner was about to drive off in the car and as she congratulated them she said, “Do you guys want to take a photo in the car?” I immediately said, “Are you kidding, absolutely!” So. Much. Fun.

13-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Red-Covertable-Kiss-City-Street-Photographer08-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-White-Tuxedos-Holding-Hands-Photographer 11-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Pose-City-Photographer 12-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Getting-Ready-Prep-Photographer14-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Pose-City-Holding-Hands-Photographer15-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Tuxedos17-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-City-Sidewalk-Photographer 18-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-boutonniere-Photographer-Flowers-White 16-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-City-Monument-Park-Portrait-Photographer19-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Getting-Ready-Prep-Photographer 20-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14 -Ring-Boxes-Black-Photographer 21-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Getting-Ready-Photographer-Cuff-Links

John’s parents helping each other get ready. Aren’t they cute? And I have to mention what amazing dancers they were! I didn’t ask, but I would bet she was a dance instructor, it was so much fun to watch 🙂


The ceremony took place in the Chinese Ballroom of the hotel. How beautiful is that dome with the blue lighting? This dome by the way, has amazing acoustics, when you stand under it and speak, it genuinely sounds like you are talking into a microphone. So cool.

24-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Ceremony-Photographer 26-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Just-Married-Photographer-Aisle-Happy-Grooms 25-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-Hotel-City-Photographer27-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Candycane-Heart-White-Tuxedo-Photographer-50mm28-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Pose-City-Embrace-Photographer 31-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Pose-Party-Groomsmen-Family-Bridesmaids-2-13-14-Mayflower-Hotel29-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-First-Dance-White-Tux-Photographer-Mayflower-Ballroom 30-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mother-Son-Dance-White-Tux-Photographer-Mayflower-Hotel-Ballroom32-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Champagne

When it was time for Steve and John to cut their cake, John had a special surprise for his sister. He snuck in a 40th birthday cake just for her! How nice is that?! She was so thrilled, and there was lots of happy crying, but n one wants their “ugly crying” faces on the blog, so I left those out 🙂 John and his sister had such an amazing bond that I keep noticing throughout the night, and I must say they were a big hit on the dance floor!

36-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Cake-Cutting-Mayflower-Hotel-Sister-Birthday-Surprise 35-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Moustache-3-Tier-Cake

Another fun, personalized detail at the reception- Each groom had their own signature cocktail drink. Delicious!

34-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Signature-Cocktail 33-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-First-Dance-Tuxedos-Photographer-Mayflower37-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Dessert-Display 40-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Rings-Silver-Photographer 39-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Pose-Tuxedos-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-Hotel

This crew knew how to party and have an amazing time. I was very tempted to put my camera down and join in on the dancing! It was great to see everyone enjoy this special evening so much.

38-Washington-DC-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-Hotel-Reception-Dancing-Black-White41-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Pose-Party-Groomsmen-2-13-14-Mayflower-Hotel 43-Washington-DC-Virginia-Gay-Same-Sex-Wedding-Men-12-13-14-Mayflower-City-Statue-Portrait-Photographer

I just had to share one of the hotel’s beautiful chandeliers. Ceilings, floors, every little detail in the building was just gorgeous and elegant.


I also had to share this adorable photo of John’s little doggie begging for a treat. Such a sweet little creature! 🙂


Now for one of the best wedding photo-bombings ever… When we walked to the park to take photos, we noticed what could only be called a pack of Santas in ahuge group singing songs and passing out holiday sheer. It was really a crazy sight. When they noticed what we were doing, one by one the started coming over to us and hadning out candy and beads, super excited for the couple. Eventually they all came over and there was no stopping them, everyone wanted photos with the grooms! They were great sports about it and it really added so much unexpected fun to the day. By the way, this is a tight shot of the group, there has to be around 100 of them. Loved it!



More information about LGBT Equality in Virginia can be found here.

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