Good morning everyone! I’ve been away from the blog for a while catching up on life I guess you could say. So now we’re back to it!

Starting with this lovely Winter Family Photo Session. These kids have an amazing dad who contacted me because they have not taken group photos of the children since they were itty bitty, and he wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas! How sweet is that? A tip for all the guys out there – women LOVE photos of their family, especially when it’s unexpected. So to make it even more special, we drove out to Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia where they first met. We had a beautiful, sunny – yet a bit windy and chilly winter afternoon to work with. So we explored the campus, found some great little spots and had a super fun time taking photos with the kids!

When we were done, he figured that she would want to have the final say in which photos got printed, which makes sense. I’d want to pick too! 🙂 So I did some basic edits for them of the best images and put together a sweet slide-show set to one of her favorite songs to show her on Christmas morning. I only wish I was there to see her reaction! I had only spent an afternoon with these children, and after I put it together and watched it I was even tearing up!

Enjoy the images, and please contact me if you would like to schedule a photo session for yourself 🙂
VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-laughing-03VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-sisters-01VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-sitting-laughingVA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-sisters-sunflare-rainbowVA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-sistersVA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-01VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-twins-sisiters-sittingVA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-sports-02VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-fall-leaves-playing-laughingVA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-sisters-02         VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-field-sports-01VA-virginia-family-photographer-kids-children-siblings-sunny-ashland-randolph-macon-brohter-twins


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