When I was asked to photograph these twin newborn babies, I was so honored and excited! … and also nervous, a little worried, overwhelmed. I mean babies are not always easy and there’s two of them! But more than anything I was happy. Happy to meet these beautiful babies and see how joyful their parent are to have them. The house was filled with love (and of course two of everything)! And lucky for me, aside from a few small crying and squirming breaks, these little ones were so precious and in the running for the easiest babies I’ve shot so far, who would’ve thought?!

So, are you ready for all of this cuteness overload?? I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. And if you’d like to book a session or just say hi, please send me an email! 🙂


Look at those happy, glowing parents! Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Mom-Dad(15) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl (7)

Nothing like a mother’s love.Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Mommy-Baby (21)

Few things get me teary-eyed more than daddy and baby!Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Daddy-Baby(11)

Check out that tiny little nose, too cute!Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl-Cuddling (3)

This one is just so precious.Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Daddy-Baby (13) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl (20) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Daddy-Baby (12)

Of course we had to put her in this fun little red baby tutu! 🙂Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl (9) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Mom-Dad (14)

The shot I look forward to most in these newborn sessions, the itty bitty baby toes! And this time there’s 20 of them!
Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl-Baby-Feet (4) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Baby-Boy-And-Girl-Tutu (8)Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Mommy-Baby (22) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Mom-Dad(19)

That’s a super dad in training right there 🙂Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl (18) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Boy-And-Girl (16) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Baby-Girl-Tutu (10) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Baby-Feet(5) Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Baby-Boy(6)

Congratulations again to the Williams’. I am so happy for your beautiful new family!Richmond-Virginia-Newborn-Twins-Photographer-Baby-Feet (17)

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photos. To book a session or just to say hi, send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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