Here are some of Harrison’s 4 month photos! Continuing to document my little guy’s growth progress. He was in a more stoic mood this month than last month’s big smiles, but still adorable as ever.

I feel like I JUST shot his 3 month photos. It really is true what they say, “The days are long but the years are short.” Well, so are the months! He’s growing and learning so much every day, it’s hard to keep up. Such a sweet little man with a huge smile but also a huge cry, which we can usually soothe with a walk around the house, he loves getting the tour 🙂

Lately he “talks” a lot to us with funny, Long words, tries to have whole conversations!

Almost sitting up on his own. He likes to try anyway, with little assistance. Loves pretending to stand when we hold him up.

Tries to fit his whole fist in his mouth! His new fav hobby, haha. Also loves to holds and grabs at toys play rings.

Loves looking out the windows of the car, he’s so interested in watching the trees and buildings go by. Such a good passenger.

Knows EXACTLY when it is time to eat. Zero to hangry in one swift minute! Has a good eating and sleeping schedule finally!

Love to kiss those little fingers!!

Gets so happy during diaper changes, especially when you take his shirt off, he loves being a “naked” baby! Loves bath time too, he’s so calm in the water.

And this face just makes me laugh 😉


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