DIY No-Sew Baby Halloween Costume. A super simple, funny and adorable idea and way to likely embarrass your poor son in the future!

I was excited when I found out that my baby would be due about 2 months before Halloween because I’m crafty and had high hopes of making him a bunch of adorable DIY costumes. Well, reality quickly set in that there would be no time to spend on buying supplies, let alone finding the time to hand make anything! He is also tiny for his age, so store bought costumes don’t really fit him right and he also hates to have his arms covered, so those typical adorable baby costumes like little burritos or hot dogs weren’t going to cut it for our guy!

One day my husband jokingly threw out the idea of a Chippendale’s dancer when we were trying to guess our friend’s son’s Halloween costume. I thought, wait a minute, that is an adorable idea for a baby and is probably the most simple costume I can think of! So I managed to take my 8 week old for a quick trip to Michael’s – luckily he behaved! – and spent about $4 on felt and velcro. He already had black pants, so this couldn’t be more simple!

I couldn’t resist making a little dancing gif, so cute!

I was very proud of him for actually letting me dress him up that morning! He’s too tiny to go trick-or-treating, so this was purely for the photo shoot.

I know I am biased, but I’m pretty sure he’s honestly the most handsome 8 week old in the entire world!! 🙂

I was at first disappointed that they were out of the regular black felt sheets at the store, but they had sticky-back black felt. And it worked out so much better! I was able to just cut the strip and stick it to the white felt. And it made the bow tie more stiff which helped as well.

I cut the velcro dots in half since this was such a tiny outfit and used them on the edges to easily fasten them together. So no glue or sewing involved!

We have a very soft fleece red blanket, which was the perfect backdrop for his “stage”

Just look at that sweet face!

And I must clarify since I’ve been asked a hundred times. He IS NOT Magic Mike! I’m not the biggest fan of that movie or Channing Tatum – I know, so sorry! – he was inspired by the Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley SNL sketch. One of my all-time favorites! Ans yes, “Working For The Weekend” is still stuck in my head…

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I’d love to know what you dressed up your babies and children as this year!




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