And we’re on to Harrison’s 5 month photos! This month went by faster than any other so far. He’s been growing and learning like a champ!

Little guy has been a bit under the weather lately with a cough that won’t go away and stuffy yucks. So we got very lucky to get these photos out of him this weekend, in between a fever and a doctor visit, he was in a pretty good mood during these 10 minutes 🙂

Here’s some of the things he’s been up to this month.

Most things his daddy does make him laugh. He spent a full afternoon giggling loudly at burps. And every day when he gets a diaper change and gets to be a “naked baby!” he squeals in delight. Such a silly, happy guy!

He loves looking at himself (and us!) in the mirror. I think we need to lay one down on the floor for him.

He started sitting up is the “froggy chair” at daycare! He just loves being able to look around at everything going on in the room. He’s so interested in everything and every body. They say he smiles at each person that comes by. He really loves meeting new people.

He’s been gently grabbing at our faces a bunch more, it’s really cute. Except for the few times he got caught up in my hair!

His favorite book is “The Pout Pout Fish“. We read it most nights after daycare. He smiles as soon as we open it! Plus, it’s a great book. We love reading it too. If you have a little one, we highly recommend it! It’s fun to read and has nice illustrations.

He loves spending time with both of us. Lots of sweet cuddles and giggles with me. Any time he doesn’t feel great he just wants to be on my lap or over my shoulder. Such a sweet boy.

He’s been to the doctor 3 times in the past month! Once for his checkup, so that doesn’t count. And then once for wheezing problems. So now he gets “nebulized” twice a day with a saline solution to help with easier breathing. We notice it already helping him sleep better at night. Too bad he does not like waking up to that thing! But he does pretty good with it.

His giggles are just the best! So silly. He gets a high pitched adorable squeak at the end when he finds something really funny.

Then we had a fever scare – our first one, so we didn’t know what to do – so we got him checked. He’s ok, no flu, no RSV, just a stubborn cold keeping him up at night. Cannot wait for winter to be over! No more flu and more fresh air walks outside 🙂

We love you so much buddy! You’re the best!!


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