The only real purpose of this post is to share cute Valentine’s Day baby kisses on this adorable face that I love so much!

So, my husband and I aren’t big into valentine’s day, it’s kind of a silly holiday. But I wanted to at least have a little fun with Harrison.

He’s so sweet and kissable this photo shoot was a quick and obvious one!

And I’m definitely lucky that he lets me do things like this to him. He’s a very laid back guy overall and he typically goes with the flow. Hopefully he’ll keep that trait 🙂

This look right here is the best!!

I was a bit nervous to plant the first kiss, I had one shot! lol, luckily it came out ok.

Baby wipes and tissues were our best friend to easily clean him up 🙂

Also, I had to get those sweet little toes in there too!

I tried a kiss on the foot, but his little tootsies were a bit too small for it to look right. As my husband said, “that just looks like a wound…” haha

And we had to jump in there real quick too!

This face!!

I also want to point out this great onsie that I found at Studio Two Three. It’s an awesome place in Scott’s addition in RVA where if you’re any kind of artist, you walk in and fall in love. They have art and print setups, classes, workshops, fun equipment, darkroom, events, all kinds of great stuff. And they have a gift shop up front where you can find awesome handmade goodies, most but not all Richmond related. Check them out!


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