I love when I get the opportunity to shoot for myself, have some fun with it and also provide beautiful images to my friends and their families. This was a special session I set up to practice shooting High School Senior Portraits. A friend of mine has an awesome, beautiful daughter that was willing to pose for me.  My job is so easy when I work with someone who takes direction well and is up for anything. This was also an opportunity for me to be a bit artsy and play with some ideas that I don’t often get to do. We did a little sweet, some serious and then my fav, some bold. And she did such a great job being my model! I’m super stoked about the results, I got tons of wonderful images. We also had the perfect location. Downtown Richmond is full of amazing places to shoot. As you can see from the images below, it looks like we were in three completely different areas, and we were, but they were all within the same block. I love Richmond’s diversity!

So I’m hoping to attempt the leap into senior portraits this year. We’ll see how it goes… as long as I can find some people willing I think it would be an awesome addition to my business. I enjoyed every minute of it! 🙂

Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot2 Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot12Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot14Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot11

She has such a cute laugh!Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot9Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot10Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot1

We found a whole area with awesome street art, which is totally up my alley!Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot3   Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot6Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot8

I love this one, reminds me of an image on the back of an album.Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot7  Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot4Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot5

We had a perfect fall day to work with, don’t you just love those colors??   Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot18


She’s taking some photography classes in school – FILM photography – good to know they are still teaching it! 🙂 That was definitely one of my favorites in high school!Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot17Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot20Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot21Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot22Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot23

This next series was near the end when she had become a pro 🙂

I loved playing with that amazing owl painting on the wall. Th colors, the design, the eyes, so much to swoon over!Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot26 Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot25

Killing it!Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot24Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot15        Tina-Take-My-Photo-Richmond-Downtown-Senior-Shoot16


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