Practice makes perfect. And with how critical I am of my own work, perfect will probably never be attainable, but satisfaction can be.

Other photographers will understand this concept, and I’m sure it applies to many other things as well. But have you ever been in a situation where you have less time than expected to get something done that you have done a ton of times before but anxiety kicks in and everything you know just flies out of your brain? Like when you have to write down your pin number or something. It can be very frustrating. So in order to try and prevent that from happening I decided that I need to take more time to memorize my poses, burn them into my brain and always be more than prepared for any situation.

So I asked for volunteers to put on their wedding gowns and pose for me. It is very humbling to have such good friends that immediately offered to help me out! And luckily we still have a few beautiful fall days popping up in between the cold ones. Gotta love that crazy Virginia weather! So we ventured out for some really fun photo shoots. I have a lot of editing to do, but in the meantime I really wanted to share just a few of the photos that popped out to me when I was sorting through my images. They did such an amazing job!

portrait photographer

I’ve been dying to shoot someone with a floral crown I’m so excited about how these came out.portrait photographer

I don’t know what is about about a bride in cowboy boots and fall leaves, so perfect!portrait photographer, bride in cowboy boots

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