They keep saying there’s something in the water…

You go through periods in your life where everything changes for your friends and family. About 3 – 5 years ago it was weddings, I feel like every other month we were watching someone get married! Now, they are all starting to have babies. The number of people I see on a daily basis that have either just had a baby or are going to have one this year is astonishing! And it’s all so heartwarming. There is nothing more special that seeing two people start a family. I don’t know the feeling personally yet but I can see it and feel the happiness and warmth radiating from those who do. When I get the pleasure of photographing a pregnant mother or a new baby, it just puts everything into perspective. It feels like it matters more than anything else, like I’m giving them such a gift. There’s no hair and makeup and perfectly planned locations. It’s just real life and love.

There’s a lot to blog about, but for now here’s just a taste.

First, I had the great honor of being asked to help with the ‘online pregnancy reveal’ of two close friends of mine this week.


And my bestie is about to pop any minute now! She’s such a beautiful, glowing mommy already 🙂


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