I am so in love with this fall family photo session!! I’ve been dying to share it with you all. (and it’s not just because I’m partial to this particular wonderful family, and how beautiful they all are!)

We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day and location. It had been pretty chilly this November, but we lucked out with warm breezes and sunshine all around. And at the last minute we changed locations to go to her dad’s farm in Goochland, Virginia – the best decision! There were endless perfect backgrounds and scenery, one of those places where I could shoot for days and never get bored. The fall colors mixed with their red and blue outfits, the green pines, rustic surroundings and glowing sunlight all contributed to gorgeous color tones I’m just drooling over! 🙂 Not to mention these adorable boy’s cute little smushy faces! Hope you enjoy 🙂

It’s pretty impossible to choose which order to post these in, so let’s mix it up!

 Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (23)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Mommy-Baby-Photographer (18)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Lake-Family-Session-Photographer (11)

Look at those sweet little faces!!!Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Brothers-Photographer (5)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (3)

I might have to venture back to this field if it snows, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be!Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (8)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (2)  Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Lake-Family-Session-Photographer (10)

Little boys don’t always like to cooperate with photos, he did pretty well. But really loved playing in the leaves!Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Photographer-Leaves  Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Field-Family-Dad-Son-Photographer (9)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (24)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Mom-Son-Photographer (17)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (21)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Daddy-Baby-Photographer (16)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Field-Family-Session-Photographer (7)

First time seeing a hay bale up close, didn’t realize how tall there are!Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Daddy-Son-Hay-Bale-Photographer (20)      Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (22)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Lake-Dad-Son-Photographer (12)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Mommy-Baby-Photographer (15) Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Mommy-Baby-Photographer (27)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Dad-Son-Hay-Bale-Photographer (19)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Brothers-Photographer (6)       Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Dad-Son-Photographer (13)

I always like to finish up with a sweet portrait of mom and dad. They can be rare once you have kids 🙂Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (26)Richmond-Goochalnd-Sunny-Winter-Farm-Family-Session-Photographer (25)

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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