Don’t you just LOVE this??


This is a cinemagraph, taken by the wonderful and talented Meagan, photographer and gifographer in RVA. She’s been experimenting with this technique for a few years, and wants to start offering this service for creatives as something unique and awesome. Check her out, she’s great! So talented and creative.

I met Meagan recently through the Rising Tide Society, during a “Tuesdays Together” meeting. An amazing new community for artists that has blown up crazy fast this year all over the country (and world I think). The philosophy is community over competition and “a rising tide lifts all boats”. I’ve been meeting tons of wonderful new people and trying new things, they’re just the best!

I recently discovered these myself about a year ago and have been wanting to try some myself, which now I am definitely going to do! Especially since I have a video background, it’s just too perfect 🙂

To easily explain the concept, it’s soft of like an animated gif, which has been around forever, but much more artistically and strategically done. And initially made with video instead of graphics. I would definitely call it an art form. It’s mainly been found successful in advertising, moving one part of the image to catch your eye as you’re scrolling through web pages.

The cinemagraph was coined by Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck in 2011 and they do some seriously great work, give it a glance if you’d like to learn more and see some pretty cool stuff!


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