It’s been way too long since I posted something not related to my photo a day project! And that’s even been a challenge. Working a full-time demanding job and setting up everything to run a business on the side takes up most of my time these days, but I do love it! 🙂

So, it’s been about a month and a half since I took the photos below, it’s about time they got featured on the blog! Time to get back in the swing of things. James and Amanda are good friends of ours who currently live in Maryland. They don’t get down too Richmond too often, so we’d been trying for a while to find a time I could take their engagement photos. The day of the engagement party came and we really wanted to try to squeeze these photos in! As they traveled here, a lovely February mix of sleet, snow and rain greeted us and slowed down their travel time. Thanks Virginia. But we decided to brave it and if it was a disaster, we’d try again another day. And yes it was freezing cold! And oh so wet and slippery, but I think it worked out in our favor, we got a different unique feel to the photos and they came out beautifully!

Amanda is a librarian, so we headed downtown to the Richmond Library to start the shoot. They were so cute playing around in the stacks! And the architecture on the front steps was perfect. Then we walked around the corner to an adorable little alleyway – I know that sounds like those two words don’t go together, but there really can be a certain charm in the right alleys in Richmond, especially with cobblestone!

I was so excited to shoot these two! And they were real troopers out in this wintry, messy weather. It always means so much more when they are people close to you, and I am honored to have captured these moments for them. And I cannot wait for their wedding in October!!


I love that they wanted to play chess in their engagement photos, how cute is that?!JA4 JA5 JA6 JA7 JA8 JA9 JA10 JA11 JA12 JA13 JA14

I’m a big fan of props. Having to use the umbrella turned out to be so fun!JA15 JA16 JA17 JA18 JA19 JA20

Aren’t they just so cute! I’m so excited she wanted to use props and really add some personality to the images that had meaning to them as a couple. I think I’ve gotten some of my favorite images from this session!

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