March 24th – March 30th is Project Life 365 week 13! I’m getting a little behind on these, my weeks have just been flying by lately! So let’s get on with it…

Day 83: #currently_reading: I keep tons of notebooks around, always thinking I will assign each one to specific tasks or objectives. And they always just end up a jumble of combined efforts. These are two of the ones I have on my desk at easy reach. It’s pretty much what I’ve been reading lately.

Day 84: #cluttered. Although there is probably too much clutter in my daily life, I wanted to find a way to feature clutter in a pretty way. I’ve always loved the natural “clutter” of trees, branches and flowers. Simple.

Day 85: #green. One of my hardest challenged yet! Because I had so many ideas for green! I thought about it in the grocery store, so I was attempting to take photos without anyone wondering why some weirdo was taking photos of veggies 🙂 And I still could not decide which one I liked the best. So I actually did a split screen with 4 of my favs and asked social media which one was their favorite! If you scroll down to the bottom you can see the 4 images. Limes won.

Day 86: #book. I won some tickets to a live performance of Les Miserable downtown, and although I haven’t yet seen the movie, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Plus I love a live performance! So my book today is a play based off of one.

Day 87: #splash. A bit of a sad one. And one of those days I start scrolling through my iphone photos to see if I have one that may work. This is an image of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Don’t need to explain why splash works here…

Day 88: #my_peeps. When I was a kid, I loooooved those marshmallowy peeps. Somewhere into teenage/adulthood they began to disgust me, lol. I had seen an image once where someone took white bunny peeps and painted them like storm troopers, I thought it was so so cute! So I ended up going to about 3 stores before I could even find the bunny peeps, and the best I could do was purple. Still worked I guess. So nowadays, my peeps are not for eating, but for drawing on and playing with and making into cute little star wars characters. 🙂

Day 89: #collage. I have a cute fabric board my sister gave me a few years back and I’ve used it as a place to save concert tickets, various stubs, bumper stickers, photos. Little mementos of fun times I’ve had. So this is my ongoing collage of happy things.


And these are some of the choices I was trying to make for “green”. They are all so pretty, right?WebWeek13a

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Thank you for reading 🙂