First blog post for 2015! 🙂

I love this maternity session shot in late November. It was a brisk, and I mean brisk fall day at Woodlake on the Swift Creek Reservoir in Midlothian, Virginia. Beautiful place for photos, but as the sun went down, it sure did get chilly! But mom was such a trooper, walking the long path with us and sticking it out to get these gorgeous shots. Sun glowing through the trees on the water is always the best! And to make it even better, of course they had to bring their awesome dog along, who was preparing to be a big brother!
As I write this, mom and dad are at home right now with their little one! Baby Zoey wasn’t due until February, but she was ready to come out and see the world in December. Congratulations to the Lenart family, I can’t wait to meet her!! 🙂

Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (3)

She is just positively glowing! 🙂Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (11) Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Photographer (18)

Complete with little pink fuzzy Uggs, how adorable!Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Uggs-Photographer (2)    Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Photographer (19)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Sunnshine-Maternity-Photographer (9)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (15)

This is one of my favorites, I love to put the focus on dad for just a few shots!Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Father-Photographer (21)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Photographer (4)

Lucky to get a gorgeous sunset silhouette, perfect way to accentuate that baby bump 🙂Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Sihouette-Photographer (14)

And there’s Bogey! I must say he wasn’t too thrilled to pose for photos, but he was super excited to explore! He did a pretty good job though.Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Dog-Photographer (1)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Dog-Photographer (8)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (6)

Look at that face! Such a cutie pie.Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Dog-Photographer (7)

There could not be a more perfect onesie. Parents love the Nationals and mom makes ah-mazing cupcakes!Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Nationals-Onesie-Photographer (16)  Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (13) Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-Photographer (12)

Remember how cold I mentioned it was? Every time I see this photo I remember when I asked him to put his hand on hers, she goes “oh, thank god, warmth!”Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Baby-Bump-Maternity-Photographer (20)Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Famly-Dog-Photographer (10)  Richmond-Woodlake-Winter-Maternity-Baby-Bump-JMU-HatPhotographer (17)

And let’s end with a view of Woodlake, so peaceful.  Richmond-Woodlake-WinterBoat--Dock-Photographer (22)

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